Wimbledon 2019 – Zverev&Tsitsipas GONE/Federer&Djoker BIG DATA Advantage? | CBT Podcast




  • Matt you're exactly right! That comment Kudla made about the grass being extremely slow and giving the returners and movers an advantage as opposed to servers and net players is absolute garbage! Most of these players on tour these days don't know how to play at net or when to come to net to win the point! I saw several instances where the ball skid on the court when players did the routine thing of playing as usual from the baseline trying to act like its any other surface!

  • Matt I think you took Roger's quote verbatim amd he didnt mean it that way as I watched that interview….he was speaking in 3rd person and saying "if I can afford a coach ", etc…he should not have used the "I" analogy…but let's give him a break please 😉

  • Tsitsipas out, all over for sure now – it’s simply between Fed and Djok for the title. I have a weird feeling that Wawrinka could go far.

  • Matt! great analysis, gotta play very solid tennis on this grass, now obviously an agressive game plan favours you, but that alone cannot make it. Players that can be consistent in a smart agressive shots can have success here.
    Now i was watching Kyrgios/Thompson match (who reminded me of these secret players that virtua tennis had, i think they were Duke and King ahhaha, if you ever played that game u could relate what i´m saying) and Kyrgios played a bit more solid in this weird match overall, he played more smart points in order to be the guy who commands the points, of course sometimes he just tanked because it´s him, but Thompson tried to put some pressure, just that it wasn´t enough. Now let´s wait Rafa does his job.

  • I have often wonder who this old man with a grey beard all dressed in black is. He is generally sitting around the player's box. Kind of like a thin Colonel Sanders. Also with fresh opponents, Roger and many other top players seem to lose the first set as they figure out the opponents game. I wonder why that is. Keep up the great work as you are the best tennis critic in the world.

  • When Tsitsipas said that it's boring watching the same 3 guys win every major, I think he should have said that it's definitely more boring watching him tank :D!!

  • Matt! All the experts are saying Wimbledon is slow this year. It has been raining lots in London, so this maybe expected. But is there any news on how low it's keeping? Federer's forehands against the South African today were not bouncing high, so may that doesn't strip all advantage from him.

  • Sadly, I don’t think it’s happening for Federer here. Easily overpowered in the first and exhausted after the match. Age really starting to show now.

  • Regarding the controversy of Wimbledon's seeding rules: In my opinion Wimbledon has every right to make their own rules, like requiring players to wear white only, and implementing their own seeding system, which seems to bother mostly Rafa fans. I remember Nole and others complaining about the US Open's "shock clock," but, like the other three Opens, the US has a perfect right to institute a service time rule. And BTW, I get crazy watching the umpire jumping on and off the chair to check the lines during clay court matches. I don't understand why they don't just use "hawkeye," which you'd think would make checking the lines redunant. And why doesn't RG get a roof? What with the wind and the dirt, I remember watching some matches where the players appeared to be stuck in a red whirlwind, getting clay in their eyes,and unable to make their shots because the wind just blew the ball away. I am so happy that we are now into the grass season, and that Center Court has a roof. (I believe that the French is the only open without a roof, and it really needs one.) Anyhow, my point is that, within reason, each slam has the right to make it's own rules, and bitching about NY's shock clock or Wimbledon's seeding system is pointless.

  • The Guardian ariticle is silly. Roger didn't say he doesn't use stats – he said he's not big into. Just because he's paying someone to gather stats for him it doesn't mean he's spending all of his free time pouring through them. That's what he pays Severin and Ivan for. it's their job to know the stats and patterns of his opponents and tell him what they are. He even said in his pre-tourney press that that one of the reasons he doesn't believe in on-court coaching is because he thinks it should be up to the player to remember the stats and info the coaches give them before the match. I can't remember which match it was earlier in the year (maybe the IW final?), but Roger was losing and he said midway through the match, with all the stress, he forgot a lot of the info the coaches had gone over with him and that's when he had to fall back on feel and experience. So it's not that he doesn't use stats – it just not HIS job to learn all the stats. It's the coach's job. And that's yet another reason why he's saying it's unfair – because he can afford 2 really good coaches and a top stats firm – and most players can't. Conversely, maybe they should allow the lower-ranked players to have on-court coaching (not that it will make a difference against the top 3 guys!) and the top 3 guys don't get on-set coaching. Except we all know if that happened Nadal would whine that it wasn't fair…

  • Doping is also an "earned advantage": the athletes have enough money to pay the doctor and the dope and if they didn't put in so much practice they wouldnt be able to compete…. your argument holds zero water! ….not even to mention that professional tennis mirrors the ridiculous income inequalities that ail society as a whole…

  • Why is Mats Wilander so anti-Federer? Mats' story angle is always "Roger can't win because……" Mats should get a new job. Somebody please shut Mats up!

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