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Why Udemy is Bad




  • I've been taking Udemy courses for a few months. Hmm, interesting to hear your take on it though. I'll think twice before buying another one. Wow, they don't make absolutely sure the instructor is who they say they are. I admit, I didn't even think about that. Ughh.

  • Always say in your video that the course is free on youtube. Add watermarks as well. Sure they can edit it, but that means re-rendering the video and that decreases quality. Also, it's a pain to remove/blur fixed watermark.

  • To be honest I personally prefer Youtube(for non python stuffs) and your channel (python,ML,Django..)regarding any concepts. And it's the best out here. You are doing a great job by helping the students like us in the future language of the world viz Python. If MOOC is my only concern, Coursera courses are much much much better than Udemy. Coursera rules over any other MOOC course provider according to me. Whenever my friend tells me to take any Udemy course I simply don't feel like taking though I haven't taken their course even once 😂

  • Wtf sue them asap! It will only encourage ppl to steal content because they see that the original course creators don’t want to go through the hassle. Try to get some lawyers. You’ll definitely make more from the lawsuit than the lawyer fees.

  • @sentdex When course goes down, I think that users can still access the course but only the private "archived" version. I have few of those in my courses collection there, and I was always wondering why those were archived (up to date content, relatively good), I guess that I know now.

  • Internet and Google are one who make education free to those who's can't afford highest and life long dents of tuition fees….
    And these motherfucker polluting this open-source education boom….
    Fuck Udemy and skillshare like fucking platforms…..hate them so much……

  • Yikes, I didn't even know how sketchy this was. Unfortunately I personally can't really do much about it now, I already brought some of their courses, unaware that they are always on sale, though I've almost always bought the best sellers of any given.. genre I guess is the word. The reason that I was more drawn into Udemy as opposed to other education platforms, is mainly because once you buy the course you own it, it's not a paid subscription. But I definitely agree that this is all pretty sketchy, especially how you're unable to do anything about taking down that course. for the most part, would you say the best sellers are actually helpful?

  • Heh. I've used them a few times in the past. I've had some good experiences, but yeah…there's definitely a lot of garbage on there too. They definitely come off a little sketchy, though I didn't realize they were quite that scummy. Seeing how screwed up some of these practices are, I'll be a lot more cautious using them, and look into some other sources in the future.

  • I bought Udemy courses before I found your channel. I sent you an email to ask for advice because my lost desperation caused me to do so.

  • I'm so tired of the low rent udemy adds on YouTube. Over and Over the same annoying spokespersons. The latest ad shows a woman holding up a smartphone saying "This is udemy". Great advice get your education off a phone. Normaly I let adds run, it's only fair to see content. But I skip every udemy ad I can, with gleeeeeeee

  • LOL he is just crying about their business model. If it was that bad you would barely find a course but there are bunch of them. As a customer I like finding quality content I look for almost everything. People who knows you knows you are doing these courses free so if they buy the course without looking its content it is their fault not others. Why are you getting butthurt. you are giving people free. Why do you care if there are stupid/lazy people who pay for it

  • I just spent $10 on a 70+ hr Java lessons package.. I don't regret it. They might suck for content creators but as a new user there I'm not disappointed.

  • All right, I made the critical mistake of commenting before I watched the full video. I apologize for the edits, and I DO get your point about stolen content. You've convinced me they could do a better job policing that. But I don't understand your criticism at the beginning of the video about their products and how course instructors get paid in general. I've gotten a tremendous amount of value from a lot of courses I've found there. For background, I finished a programming degree a year ago, and while I was doing my courses, and after I finished before finding a job, I supplemented my learning with Udemy courses. Now, you do need to know how to weed the good courses from the bad, but you can do that by reading reviews and by watching some of the free videos from the course to get a feel for how the course is structured. All the extra value I got from some Udemy courses were very much a factor in me landing my first Web dev. job. As far as how much the instructors are paid, well that's up to them. I assume that if they don't like how much money they are making from the courses, they wouldn't bother putting them up on the site. And it is a lot of work to put their courses on the site and answer questions from students. So they deserve to make some money from their efforts.

  • I got conned into their 'limited time! class is $10' scam for an AWS Certification class. Come to find out the material plus more is available on a site called so I felt like a dummy. Oh well, live and learn, thanks for spreading the word on those chumps.

  • Thanks for this video! I had no idea this was happening, and I hope more content creators speak out about this.
    I'm not a lawyer, but I imagine that if I were a paying student of a Udemy course, and I found out the presumed "instructor" of this course, was not the person it was advertised to be, I imagine the student could probably file a lawsuit (or say a group of students, through a class action lawsuit) against Udemy.
    If this is true, then the falsely claimed content creators (if they made themselves available) would likely act as witnesses.
    But again, this is assumption, as I'm not a lawyer.

  • Yep true professionals and experts at Udemy (at least the annoying ads) … talking about learning python while there's HTML text shown … talking about learning C++ with a GUI editor in the background. Those tools may be part of the course but not the majority. This just renders the "instructors" to me as not qualified.

  • I'm a huge fan of you and you helped me a lot with Image Processing! You are just awesome.
    I totally agree with you on this that UDUMMY is stupid.
    Keep uploading more great videos man (y) 🙂

  • Why Udemy is 'bad', you say.
    'Bad' is just the poor quality content and the pirates and the spammers.
    What's worse than bad is making moolah off of this, and then denying responsibility.
    This isn't bad. It's plain evil.

  • I love udemy! But some of the things u say here are very true. I once saw one of my favorite pluralsight courses on udemy and it was under a different author. The imposter had customized the video and made it his. I reported it to pluralsight and the course got removed on udemy a week after. I can only imagine how many instructor videos are getting stolen. Their instructor verification needs improvement.

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