When Temporarily-Insane People Speak MGTOW the Ghost




  • Now that more men aren't giving women the time of day, i guess women need another way to get their 'complaining fix' out toward men… so, gynocentrism has made every man a woman's surrogate boyfriend .

  • Well, I just got Google communication guideline BS from my last video posted –   It's OK to not care anymore. You can't comment, not share, etc… Poor Johnny Dud, his comment was pinned, and now it's gone…. I think I will have to keep being the Free Silent One.  NOTE: I'm very glad huMAN commented on your video. He his a noble man and MGTOW should be honored to have a men like him.

  • A highlght of today: Cosby's publicist said, (carried live on CNN & MSNBC) that "the media is sexist." So the right people were listening.

    What the GOP is doing IS angering. Cruse is a cuck for trump. What's "not right" is ted cruse.
    But that's politics… not mgtow related. There's more violence on the republican side. There's the 2 cars that ran into a group of dem protesters.

  • Aaron asked: "Why is the left so desperate to destroy America?"

    Trump and supporters are doing that.

    Election fraud is left open. Our enemies know our weak spots.

    Trump left many positions unfilled, creating a national security threat. (THEN there's putin. And trumpeters turn a blind eye)

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