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What is the Hardest AI’s Build Order?




  • I have Forgotten expansion and the hardest AI still cheats. It reached castle age in like 10 minutes and when I checked the reply, it started with 3 times my resources.

  • As I kid I never got past beating medium. Especially since they always teamed up against me even in team games and I just couldn't cope with the light cavalry spam. But then again, I never thought of more than 1 TC and 1 of each production building – took a while to replenish an army.
    Interesting to see some weaknesses though:
    – very short attention span, give a treb one blow with light cav and then go chase villagers
    – subpar placement of resource buildings (again, as I kid I'd also build a mining camp between two piles instead of one for each)
    – park monks under a TC, yolo

  • I was playing against the original AI today, moderate difficulty, I was Khmer and one of my enemies (Malay) went crazy in late game while I was defeating Goths, I had a lot of defenses but they spammed troops and siege weapons along with the Turks to push through my base. It kinda felt like hard difficulty lol my mistake was I didn't have the chance to attack their villagers in early game. At the end I realized those two enemies were controlled by the new AI, I suck lol

  • I cant beat the cpu on moderate i. I try to quick attack with defensive position knights where the camps are and then hoards come wipe me out and then raid me to oblivion.. really sad

  • As far as the early economy goes, I always figured the AI advantage is that it can immediately tell all of its units what to do all at once, whereas a player has to give different commands one at a time (especially when you throw scouting into the mix).

  • Any ideas?? Just played a 1v1 game vs moderate AI [map was Mongolia] on HD on steam and to me it was insane… I've generally been 50/50 on win-loss against this level [i'm pretty bad] but this particular game was a real frustration / head-scratcher for me. I went to feudal as fast as possible, sent three vils forward [with loom] and walled up the AI's main gold and secondary gold plus put about three towers on those gold piles which were quite close to each other. Dropped an archery range and sent a few archers to guard the neutral gold in the centre of the map. Basically I was experimenting with trushing / denying the AI gold to see what it would do. Get to castle, spit out a few knights and kill 8-10 vils in some good raiding. Til this point the AI has been sending the odd skirm to get mowed down by my towers. Over the next 10-15 mins it manages to amass a gigantic army of skirms and two handed swords backed by rams, doesn't take hardly ANY gold, and steamrolls my base with 60-70 skirms / swords and 20 capped rams. Where did it get the gold for all of this??

  • Hearing the monk chant and the ‘your base is being attacked’ sound at the same time occupies a special place in my traumatic experiences playing AoE2.

  • Do the different food types have greater gathering speeds? I generally just stick all my production into farms as soon as I've eaten up my berry plantation.Then I turn into a land rapist and just consume every resource as an ocd goal. Kill off every animal, chop down every tree.

  • Omg. Kill me now. I can't be into this. Why is this so interesting? It shouldn't be, right? How does anyone watch 25 minutes of two AI's battle it out in a game from the 90s? I literally just did, but I still don't understand it haha.

    Thanks for uploading and commenting I guess… And I assume I have to subscribe and all that since I'm apparently into this now. See you on the next one.

  • I'll fill in some missing details, the tech the AI researches is really intelligently done so it can strategically counter whatever you're doing, I've seen this through messing with the game over thousands of hours, the AI will for example often continue resource piling for a time until it knows what to counter you with, even if it's only a slight counter, but it will also at times both not take advantage of things, and other times aggressively take advantage of opportunities, it seems to almost be random and I am only talking about the hardest setting, it's all I ever mess with but just FYI the main difference between the settings that I've factually seen as different is easiest settings are home based players with extraordinarily little want to come meet you or launch decisive calculated attacks, Anyway as I was saying the AI on hardest as usual, will research tech more broadly based if it waits to enter castle age, but if it's countering you by making manuevers then it will target much more specific ones and sometimes will skip the less needed techs much later on, I am not sure after much thought as to exactly why but I have a feeling that they wanted game mechanics to more feel as though it's responsive rather than just reactive ^_^ hope that helps clarify AI tech researching interests cuz I can observe it and have for quite a long while over many years, oh those innocent years before AOE2 when we only had AOE lol never knew it could get better

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