What is Reality? | Donald Hoffman, Hilary Lawson, Joanna Kavenna, Jan Westerhoff




  • Strange then that N.A.S.A is able to design, build and launch spacecraft which function perfectly well in space? If our ideas of the Universe are so limited why is this? How can we calculate with an exact degree of accuracy how to achieve escape velocity? These people seem like they want to deny the Phenomenological experience we have of the world?

  • Maybe i understand wrong, i watched a couple of interviews and lectures with Don Hoffman, but his logic escapes me.

    On the one hand, Don Hoffman says that Consciousness is the underlying Reality, on the other he says that direct knowledge of this reality does not give evolutionary payoffs.

    Then how is it that religions, when we take off the metaphors they use, tell us (if you study their mystics) that Consciousness (“god”) is at the basis of Everything, and these religions – or individuals like Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, have survived for thousands of years?
    A mechanism like prayer is a key factor in most religions, b e c a u s e it actually works.

    That is why they survived, despite all .

    Maybe a lizard escaping from flood or predators, “prayed”, (had a deep existential NEED), to develop wings, and thus it did. Consciousness responded, and thus, survived in its ascent.

    Isnt it because Evolution is the Emergence of Consciousness in Matter, isnt Matter/Evolution a way for Consciousness to Know Itself, as the One in the Many?

  • "we live in the mind of god, and he in ours"……ACIM. "tis not a crime to know the father"…..jesus. there are those that say we are being egotistic/audacious/grandiose/delusional/insane, to say we are the son/daughter/child of god/earth. but in fact, we are all these things when we say we are not gods' children. who knows who we are ? answer: our creator. so stop defending an ego position and relax into merely being. and notice the great bubble of laughter welling up. : 0 lol

  • Why shouldn't the brain use two ways to see reality? I know if a stand in front of a running bus I'll probably be killed, as I know that the bus is real. And what can be more real than that? We can help- the brain to see more by using instruments. This is how we saw the smallest atoms and the biggest Universe. That's a good reality we see. What else there is in reality we cannot see yet? We are looking for it and we'll eventually see it.

  • Interesting and deep. But the female speaker's pronunciation of all "s" and "z" as "sh" is kinda annoying… She can speak US accent quite well, but can't even correct this minor mistake or never realizes that?

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