Two Cheers for Super PACS: Money in Politics Is Still Overregulated




  • "The Freedom Of Speech defense for Super Pacs is a right-wing nonsense argument. It is not fair to make a movie assassinating someone's character in the middld of an election, that does not seem right calling that freedom of speech."

    How is that not free speech? Political speech is one of the most important aspects of free speech. And who should set the terms for what is and isn't assassinating someone's character?

  • They should make you pick a side ahead of time and not allow undecided. I'm sure a bunch of people selected undecided even though their mind was 99% made up against the motion.

  • I hate to tell you this, because it might not jive with your world view…but there is just as much mega-money flowing into super PACs on the left as there is on the right. In fact, the largest that I know of backs Democrats.

    My fiance is a political fund raiser for a Democratic organization. It may or may not be okay, I'm not attempting to sway your opinion regarding money in politics. I am however pointing out that it's patently false to say it benefits the right more.

  • I think there needs to be more regulations on election funding, but I think a much bigger issue is our voting system which forces us to vote for the lesser of two evils. I think the biggest problem with money in politics is that the two candidates that have the most become the default candidates. If we had a system like the Condorcet method or approval voting, the extra competition from honest candidates may curb the effects of money.

  • I'm not sure the problem is giving money to a politician. I think the major issue is using the money to LIE about another politician and them not being punished for it. I do think the amounts given by just a few wealthy business men and unions is a problem too, but I suppose this debate will help me have a better understanding.

  • Money is the reason why American jobs go overseas. Money is the reason why nothing ever gets done in Washington, DC.because of the lobbyists. The only reason why anything is ever corrupt in the world history is because of money. Because when there's money there is corruption and take away the money, then there won't be any corruption. Take the Mafia. For example, take the money out. No Mafia because people don't work for peanuts.. there's no corruption in homeless shelters, why? no money.

  • The only way to have fair elections is if everyone is standing on the same playing field and money does affect that. While I agree with the principal of citizens united, I do agree with the outcome. Free Speech is not free, it does have restrictions. The only fair to everyone, candidate and voter system is a flat one, all sides get x monies, taxpayer or legally restricted – and that is it, nothing else. They speak for themselves and they manage their funds – good proof they are right for the job

  • wow right off the bat you can see this isn't a debate. He asks is there two sides to this debate and the the guy rambles on about how free speech needs money behind it? Wtf. This debate does have two sides, its called money OUT of politics vs corruption.

  • It seems like every time we try to limit money, money just finds another way to do its job.  I say screw it, and just focus on very tight transparency and disclosure (Of high money spending and donations).  This way people can at least know where the money and ads are coming from. 

  • The "freedom of speech" argument never held water for me. As individuals, we can always express our views, but what is being discussed here is using speech to influence and coerce others.

    You don't need money to express yourself, but you DO need money, and a lot of it, if you want to control how other people think and behave. That is essentially what this process is all about.

    Ultimately, if want elections free from the corruption of special interest groups and wealthy political donors, money needs to be entirely removed from the election process. Voters simply need facts provided by objective sources, and make a decision on election day, free from any corrupting outside influences.

  • We have legalized bribery. Money is not speech. Once you consider money as speech then this allows the wealthiest to drown out the voices of those with little. This is not how a constitutional democratic-republic is suppose to function.

    If you're interested in getting money out of politics, regardless of your politics I urge you to look into Justice Democrats. They all vow to not take donations from corporations and only small donor donations from individuals to ensure they're not working for the highest bidder. To ensure people they work for the voters, not the donors. They're running on a platform of campaign finance reform-that alone is an issue we should all be willing to vote for because 99% of our problems in government comes back to money in politics. We now live in a plutocracy. It's time to fix this for the sake of the republic. #JusticeDemocrats #BrandNewCongress #OurRevolution

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