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Trope Talk: Robots




  • Counterpoint: writers who try to avoid offending 100% of their audiance can never say anything profound or even entertaining. I'm ADHD. My sister is asexual. Neither of us hates robots. Their will always be someone (in this case Red) too sensitive for your work. Personally I like the implication that someone can be neuroatypical and still have the essence of personhood. That humanity is broader and deeper than just those who get all the references.

  • Transformers are kind of the strangest "robots" in fiction. It's even strongly implied that transformers, even amongst themselves get offended when they are referred to as "robots".

  • Another example of human-but-not-really-human robots is Voltron and the individual lions. Now, I haven't seen much Voltron, but I have seen clips as well as the first episode. The lions show a bit of personality, but are mostly robots. If they were fully human, I can imagine them having similar personalities as their Paladin. Once they form Voltron, however, it's completely non-human. Like many mechas from traditional mecha anime.

  • I think that the frustrating part of the whole humanity minus emotion equals robot thing is that they all end up esentally Mr. Spock, only way less cool. Spock was a mixed blessing for the Autistic community, on the one hand he gave people a common ground to talk to people on, but on the other he is just one person and cannot represent an entire demographic of aproximently 24 million people (Probably more but thats what my calculations said)

  • I disagree Its the human, emotional robot that Is evil, the cold logical one Is not evil the people who made him Are, you use Ultron as a cold evil robot but the Reason why je was evil was because je Felt hate. The most evil A.I of all time Is the one from I have no mouth And I must Scream. Its the emotional that make both robots And people evil..

  • I always explained the Wall-E restoration to myself by that spark.
    It was long enough to contain the compressed information of the old Wall-E, therefore restoring his earlier self.

  • I've seen a story written by a robot, it made no sense but damn was it hilarious and worth watching.
    For some reason the principle of the school was a table in that story and it was interesting to try to think about the concepts the computer was playing with.
    Also I honestly just was irritated as hell when Wall-E got factory erased because I was like "oh not this shit again, well I'll be back in like sixty seconds when it's undone, I'm thirsty." but to be fair, fake deaths piss me off as heavily overdone. This counted as a fake death for me. Only one I actually excused was How to Train Your Dragon because Hiccup LOST something during that. His leg. Therefore I let it slide.

  • So good robot characters coming to types.

    1. Emotional but their characters are still based around the fact that they are robots and have a purpose

    2. Their regular robots trying to do a purpose and nothing else but come across as a paragon sort of deal.

    Also how is the Disney and Pixar have made two of the best robot character in history.

  • Why is it that recently many of my favorite youtubers (e.g. Hello Future Me, Overly Sarcastic Productions …) have a plug for Lindsay Elis' "Bright" video?
    I liked Bright. I think the whole coding discussion about the Orcs gets so much attention that people miss out other interesting topics like the divide between practitioner of magic, Brights and people incapable of using magic, the corrupting influence of a chance to get closer to the top in a stratified society etc. You can say multiple times that the coding is clumsy and the world building lazy (I have seen far lazier world building before), I still found it enjoyable. OK, maybe the fact that I like Shadowrun plays into this as well …
    And don't get me wrong. Lindsay Ellis (Chez Lindsay) is a youtuber whose videos I also follow. I just think many of her other videos are much better than the one on Bright (like the one Death of the author and the brilliant exploration of what the Hobbit movies lack and where that comes from).

  • Thank you so much for using they/them pronouns for WALL-E! We're clearly supposed to read WALL-E and Eve as "male" and "female", but they're robots – unless they are programmed to have a gender (or naturally develop it in that kind of story), they don't. Double thank you for bringing up that whole "autism" thing – as a girl with autism, I see more of myself in robots than in "autistic" characters, and it's really annoying.

  • Just wanna mention Legion from mass effect. Very inhuman but very sympathetic and endearing. Also the story of the Geth is one of the few times the robot uprising trope is done where it places the blame on the creators for being bad parents instead of blaming them for just doing the creating in the first place.

  • You should go watch the new Netflix show 'Better than us'. It was a surprisingly very good show about robots becoming more than just their programming. (I say it's new, but I don't really know when it was made, it's just new to Netflix)

    Edit: It's kinda actually like big hero in that they go based on their programming, they're just programmed to think for themselves in a sense. Idk, I don't want to spoil it or anything, I just think you should give it a check.

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