The Science of Personality Types




  • Some of your videos are so well informed, so well articulated and communicated that they could be used as instructional videos on type. You have one of the better channels on this subject on all of youtube. I will say, while I have kind of missed Alex, the truth is, your channel has actually gotten better in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

  • I guess is kinda obvious why Alex left (yes.. that reason). But please keep going Calypso, I like your work and, I think Davesuperpowers is also great. You're contributing with theory and not just egotism and mumble jumble, I won't name anyone lol.

  • Carl Jung talked about this. The Ti users formulate an argument and then find objective data to backup their theories, whereas the Te users gather objective data and then formulate conclusions based on the data. Both approaches are flawed in their own right but combine the objective and subjective elements and you get the whole picture of Thinking and are much more likely to reach the truth.
    This isn't a matter of Intuition vs Sensing, this is a matter of Ti vs Te. Objectivity vs Subjectivity in the realm of logical arguments.

  • What you said about storing memories is so interesting. I realized recently that I tend to store my memories more as a category than an actual memory. I’m more likely to store the conclusion I drew about an experience rather than the experience itself. My husband seems to be my opposite in this regard and can tell really great stories about experiences he’s had. He’s also really good at remembering numbers. To make a very simple example, I will remember that an item was expensive and we decided not to purchase it. He will remember what the price was, but he might not recall the conclusion we drew about the item. I look forward to hearing more of your observations.

  • Interesting…so it's about patterns or have I got this wrong? If so, I wonder at what point a pattern may differ in relation to two subjects that share cognitive functions overall, and why.

    Truly productive work for this comunity!

    Edit: I love to type people as well, and this makes me think that I may even mistype myself hahaha

    Edit 2: Something I also wonder is if people actually change types during their lives or different situations…I have read people saying that it happens and have maybe experienced it myself but how to know if it's true? If it is, that could be a reason on why it's so hard to make a presice study about this and would explain how a pattern is broken. But right know I would like the answer of that question to be a no actually.

  • I’m sorry the relationship has fallen in regards to your collab, I do believe (and as an Ni user) that we act on our intuitive hunches but sometimes lack the knowing or even the full picture as to why we feel so pulled to make “said” drastic decisions. If that makes sense? It’s like years are spent collecting information subconsciously and then all of a sudden a very intense wave or realization on what move to make in life will hit us.. and it’s not out of disrespect or disregard for the other party, but we just know so deeply that we need a change. I think this is an Ni thing, but because the reason is so often out of our external reach, we will feel guilt and shame (Fe) and will just ghost or drift away or in extreme cases door slam. I have done this to jobs that I thought were perfect for me and then all of a sudden at the drop of a coin and I know so deeply I need to leave, it comes off as irrational, selfish and even spontaneous but really it’s been collecting for quite sometime … the decision for change that is. The biggest one for me was being in a almost 7 year relationship, not fully understanding the complacency and unhappiness, not fully being aware of how stagnant it was, but knowing on a intuitive level. I awoke and we were just chilling in bed, and I looked over at him and said “our relationship ship is over” got up, and made plans to move on instantaneously. There was no fight or even the slightest insight that this was going to happen… not even to me, but it’s like an energy, takes over and allows us to make the most perfect and accurate decision for the benefit of ourselves and the “party”… I hope this made sense. Love your channel, love your strength, your insight and I wish the best for you and Alex xx

  • I'm happy she mentioned that mistyping leads to people misinforming others. I pointed this out before in a Facebook group, and one the responses was "people take MBTI too seriously." The majority of my weird life experiences can be linked back to being an INTJ female. Even my dyslexia can be linked to lead intuition. Suddenly, those weird moments become beautiful moments.

  • I really liked Alex, no hate on her at all, but you always seemed like you had more to say in the first place. Really like this channel.

  • After you brought up the eye movement in videos I started checking people I know and had typed. Found that all the people that I previously that were obvious high SI users had the smooth eye movment.

  • Thank you for letting us know what has been going on with Alex. Sorry to hear she won't be on the channel any more. But you are doing a great job. I've been watching your videos for a year and I have learned a lot from you because your method is consistent and your communication is clear. Thank you for your dedication and I wish you the best luck.
    Kjersti, intp(for research purposes)

  • Great video Calypso! Really interesting to finally hear about all the work you're doing behind the scenes!
    I must say, the memory thing got me a bit puzzled. I should probably let you type me, but as far as I know I have a high preference for Ne, which must mean that I use low Si, and I have been noticing that I form really detailed memories of what I was feeling and thinking in a moment – but only small bits and over a large amount of time + they just pop up as soon as I get an association with it (by a particular scent, being in a specific place or by someone mentioning it). And then it feels like I'm actually reliving it. But actually, it kind of makes sense that with low Si, it first has to sink in and be internally analysed over time, and then – when Ne activity suddenly hits it, it fires up again. – or is this just something all people have? – I mean, everyone can relate to something like a song bringing you back to a specific memory, right?

  • Ah, really interesting video! Thank you for sharing your recent journey and your work. It was the quality of your videos that convinced me to use your typing service, and I'm glad I did 🙂 I'm excited to hear more about your findings!

  • This video was wonderful!

    I’m so impressed by you. I think you break INFP stereotypes & I love it.

    I always have a really difficult time typing people that I know well, there are people in my life I’ve been trying to pin down for a few years without success. But the other day at work I used your method to identify that the new girl at work is a perceiver with high Ne and I was SO EXCITED that I spotted it. It energized me. Well, typology energizes me more than just about anything else…and i have such a hard time finding people who want to listen to me go on rants about it. But anyway, I’m really excited about what you’re discovering and I can’t wait to learn it well and use it daily. Thank you so much!

    Also! Kudos to you for pushing past your hurt and your fear to continue your work! 👏🏻


  • You're inspiring people by carrying on! By the way, DaveSuperPowers is also working on scientific credibility of the Jungian functions and MBTI. Wonder if you could have some kind of synergy…

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