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  • It's really sad to see what this world is coming to and scary to think about what could be coming in the future. Feels like we've learned nothing from the countless examples of humans discriminating and demonizing each other over rumours without evidence. This is the first I've heard about people speaking out for men's rights amongst the overwhelming amount of people who don't want to listen. And they say their voices are the ones that need to be heard. Advocating for equal rights is going to end up being considered hate speech.

  • Rape Culture? The biggest perpetrators of rape are Muslims men in Europe. But, let's not talk about the daily attacks on women over there from these animals. Because liberals and feminists refuse to acknowledge Muslims as oppressive to women's rights.
    In our Western society run by mostly white men, women have all the rights men do. In Islamic countries, they no rights at and are second class citizens that are killed for being raped.

    Where's the video on that, feminists? Huh? It doesn't fit your narrative so you lie and say it isn't true. Liars.

  • I was so amazed by this film. In watching a Q&A panel of many of the principle participants in the film it hit me that the questions of people who had just watched it showed they were literally beyond where they were before they watched it. The ground has shifted. This is an important film and must be seen by everyone.

  • So basically for feminists, if a person doesn't hate males and think men are scum, you are a sexist, racist, homophobe.
    OK, Got it…
    Or if you don't think women should get special treatment, meaning truly treat them as equal to men, , you are a misogynist pig, as well.

    Ddon't let them tell you they don't want special treatment either. Cause they do. If you don't kowtow and praise them you are a scumbag poop. Don't open the door for me cause I can do it myself. But if you don't, you are a prick that hates women.

  • the divorce subject is very personal to me. when I was about 3 my mother took me and ran from Dayton, Oh to a small town in Ohio. later, my dad told me he looked for me three days in a row without sleep. my father fought for a year, and got to see me for 4 hours every weekend. when my mom came back to Dayton, she let my dad see me every weekend. she told me he was a bad man (which she doesn't admit to.). so when I was about 8, my mom, me, and her boyfriend moved to Kansas. once again he fought, and got to see me a couple times a year for a month or two at a time. when me and my mom came back to Ohio I used my knowledge my mom fed to me, and pieced together he was a bad man. finally, after thousands and thousands of dollars, I realized he actually was a good father, so I went back to court and gave custody to my him. I remember hugging him so tight afterward the hearing.

  • I have to say, hearing some of these stories, I teared up. I thank you for your work, and it is time to truly achieve equality for all persons, regardless of gender, or other arbitrary factors.

  • Great film. I don't often pay for individual movies but the trailer looked like you were going to put a fair perspective on it. The film did not disappoint.

  • I don't like to ask for help, however I am just now going public with my story and my ex. I am like tons of guys that have gone through a divorce and family law court of being screwed. I am asking for help to buy a motorhome to live in so I can afford to be closer to my lil girl. Anything will thank you so much Fellow Red Pill for keeping me alive longer so my daughter knows me her dad.

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