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The Maniacs Delirium: The Artificial Bread and Circus Dystopian Society with Charlie Robinson




  • If men were self sufficient and ungoverned, there wouldn't be ways of placing the yoke upon them. We've become victims of convenience, made passive by societal living.

  • God bless both you guys we need people to bring these topics up today, both of you are patriots for holding these aspects of America responsible for the problems we have today.

  • The problem I see is History Repeats. And it already has. Habakkuk 2:8 "Because you plundered many Nations the remaining ones of the peoples will plunder you." America and Britian Plundered many Nations.

    Their people didn't profit but the leaders did. In fact Obama was told several times by the American people to stay out of Syria and yet in the troops go. So yes we are in the last days of Rome again. Trump can't reverse the Fraud of the Federal Reserve or the death of over 3000 of its own citizens on 911 by the deep state.

    All part of the plunder process.

  • Great the Way, Flouride is a Waste Product of the Manufacture of Aluminum Foil. They had to find a way to use Toxic substance, just throwing it away was such a financial waste and they worked hard on finding how to make a Bundle of Cash on it. And it Continues to this Day.

  • Rothchilds rockerfellas and Bill Gates together Monsanto and HAARP are destroying the air we breath, the water we drink the food we eat!! Then vaccination programs to inject massive amounts of mercury and aluminum plus animal DNA plus others toxins hidden in big pharma speak! GMOs cause cancerous turmors in lab rats that's been proven!! 5G is dangerous to human health!! It was created as a weapon of war!! Microwave pulse energy goes through our homes, through our bodies and brains and the other trechous aim of 5G is to monitor everyone in their own home and record all conversations then store them but those who have these recordings can sell them for money to big companies and anyone else who will pay for them!!! Big brother has well and truly arrived!!

  • That's why the USA government imported so many nazis after ww11 .. Operation paper clip was done with many more intentions than the space programs!! Those disgusting Germans did so many horrible experiments on innocent children and adults!! The USA has done the very same experiments on innocent American people who knew nothing about it!! Mk ultra conceived by George Bush senior who was a wicked cruel paedophile who took pleasure in cruely raping small children until they bled from their anuses!! The British government is no better as they covered up their disgusting paedophiles and protected them from disclosure using government agencies!!

  • What about sanyo TV sets with the capacity to listen to your conversations and record them??? They're still being sold in the UK but no mention of this capability?? Has this been removed from those TV sets??

  • The British police are using facial recognition cameras in Cardiff South Wales UK!! They said that they're looking for criminals and all innocent people who are caught on these cameras are destroyed by the police?????

  • We already have euthenasia in Britain today!! In the year 2016/17 45.thousands people died in NHS hospitals unneserary according to goverment figures??? Most were older patients of course!! People were disgusted with the British health care system as doctors and nurses were dispatching patients who they considered were going to die!! So they gave them massive amounts of oppiods, kept them unconcous and denied them food and water!! This was called The Liverpool pathway!! It was supposed to be stopped!! But people still have doubts about this horrible immoral practices still in operation!!

  • Excellent program once again!! I think you covered most of the current concerns ordinary people have!! If we are not careful we people will become nothing more than slaves until we are no longer needed!!

  • All these false flags will promote a social credit system they will promote it as a crime fighting positive technology that will make life safer. Meanwhile it will be used to enslave everyone.

  • The reason for keeping us as humanity under sedation and dumbed down as a whole, is to stop us reaching our full potential. ‘The elites’ have known what most people won’t accept & that we have been lied to our whole lives about what it means to be human, and a spiritual being on earth. Now I’ll start this by saying I’m religious, I believe in God, but we are all spiritual beings too, in that we can access higher consciousness within ourselves & the teachings of the bible tell us this, if we read it with that knowledge. We have to understand the symbolism that has been used to explain to us in the bible about our potentials as humans. We have access to wisdom, knowledge, strength & power that governments don’t want us to know we have. Remote viewing, seeing people’s characters. Lots of examples. To be born, do a job, raise a child & die does in no way separate us from an animal. That IS NOT our life’s purpose & we all have one, we were given one when we agreed with God prior to be born in to the lives we have been given. Our pineal gland & 3rd eye is not evil as it’s made out to be. The evil elites reverse everything, so they tell us as Christians, it’s evil, but it’s not otherwise God would not have created us with it. Read the bible properly & you will see Jesus tells us how he reached his life’s purpose. He gained that knowledge from fasting, for 1 example & many other ways, meditating for another but so many more, which can help, but THE biggest thing to help yourself wake up to this & the worlds secrets is to remove fluoride from your body as it hardens the pineal gland & stops us being in touch with our spiritual side. It is not dark, evil or esoteric in any way. So much more to touch on, but just wanted to answer 1 question you asked in the programme.

  • flouride = Mine clippings = Rat Poison = Neurological Poison = Flourine Periodic table of elements " Corrosive Substance…Nothing to do with Teeth.

    also Flouride is not the only toxin in Toothpaste Sodium larylth Sulfide = Ingredient found in Engine degreaser and pretty much all Soaps now days

    Propalyne Glycol = Antifreeze cousin to Ethylene glycol which is Actual automotive Antifreeze… People simply do not READ anymore

  • they FEED on our Psychic Energy , like Vampires our thoughts our Emotions our Creativity…it's ALL Energy. The more we Fear , Fight , Hate , Worry etc tge more Energy to feed on… Political Educatiion Corporate Oligarchy Religious Authority are Litteraly vampires…not the Retarded version we are romanticising I mean Department of Zombies Vampires and werewolves Vampyres why do you think so many PEOPLE are missing? And even more so many Children…

  • by the way SKYNET Already took over in 1999 DARPA put it online under Code Name The Red Queen SKYNET decided to ENSLAVE instead of nuke us..

  • Thank you Mike, for these interesting interviews to come forward to know about the truth of what the Elites are hiding from us..
    You are amazing 😉 Love the content as always..💖

  • Democracy Now is going to really step up global warming and it's all your fault program sheeeze
    Climate Education




    It is not our fault and the world is going to get much cooler ….it is really bad when lies make you prepare for the wrong rodeo. These commie agenda for social engineering and social control . Notice not one MSMmentioned that AK university just proved that building 7 came down due to controlled demolition 3000 architects and engineers swear to it and the MSM did not say one word …crickets ,,,,Semper Fi 69-72 bro you do'er good

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