• What company brings in unskilled workers from outside the U.S.? The truth is that companies bring in skilled workers at lower salaries than American skilled workers.

  • This is bullshit. It costs thousands to immigrate legally. When we were doing this it was £5000 at a minimum and you needed to have a business, employing several people. Our money purchased a house without a mortgage. Also, the checks, medicals, interviews cost and were thorough. It doesn't guarantee citizenship and is very involved so to make it sound like you fill out some paperwork and walk in is ridiculous. I agree that immigration should be legal but to cut it and give false info is disingenuous.

  • "Employment-based preferences consist of five categories of
    workers (and their spouses and children): priority workers
    (e.g., outstanding professors and researchers); professionals
    with advanced degrees or aliens of exceptional ability; skilled
    workers, professionals (without advanced degrees)" This is straight from the Homeland Security website. Nowhere does it say unskilled workers.

  • I actually agree with a lot of points new immigrants would have to meet. Maybe that's how I'm conservative because I disagree with almost everything else from this administration

  • Some of Trump's corporate buddies complained over the phone with him. They want to replace more white collar American workers with less expensive foreign white collar workers. That's what this dog is saying. Don't give a green card to grandmothers. Give them to Accountants, Engineers and Programmers. Good paying jobs that Americans will lose

  • I LOVE this Howdy Doody!!! he gets triggered so fast!!! he can not handle common sense!!! he makes fighting their bullshit EASY!!!!

  • I am a liberal independent: I voted for BernieI But I agree with most of what this asshole is proposing… California has too many poor immigrants moving in and usurping low skill jobs, affordable housing, and public assistance while over burdening public schools. I think that until all Americans are all taken care of, immigrants will have to wait.Then they will be much more widely welcomed.

  • He just said: pass the bill now because the people will eventually support it. Here's another instance where the first idiot thinks the people will believe any crap he says. Pass the bill, then debate it. Shoot first and ask questions later. The first idiot just won't believe the only support he has in reality is 30% of Americans.


  • I hate this man.. But I have to agree that if you want to come to America then you should know how to speak English. In this day and age of technology and shared information I feel if you want to live in a different country then you should learn the language of that country. I would not go to another country and expect them to speak my language, Why should anyone come here and demand the same.. And once again.. I hate this man and the "being" who is President. But I'm tired of having to select English before I can talk to someone on a call line. "if you would like to proceed in English please press 1.." should not be an option. Don't get me wrong I have no objections to having it be interpreted into any other language and have no bad thought of other languages being spoken in America as a matter of fact it makes conversations more enjoyable when you have diverse languages being mixed together However… Its just an American thing to speak English and feel If you want to be an American then you should adopt the True American Way..( and that doesn't mean the new way that is happening now.) and conduct business in English. Because if you are coming in on a Green Card then you are suppose to be coming here to make a better life for yourself by being able to work and live in Freedom, not coming here to get free living. SD

  • I am a life long democrat but on this issue, I have no problem at all with changes being made to immigration policy that make sense and yes, that includes prioritizing people who can speak English. Australia has a points system and many other countries have a variety of rules and regulations to control immigration. I don't see this as a left right issue at all and there has been a failure on both sides up to now to address this issue with any sense of rationality. Big corporations love cheap immigrant labor as does New York city where I live but it's not inherently more moral to allow a constant flow of immigration, there are costs and benefits that need to be weighed thoughtfully.

  • Hey, racist zombie look-alike, don't try to make it sound like you want to help blacks and latinos, and don't try to make it sound like Jim Acosta is marginalizingmartinis immigrants… You need to go back to Zombie-land and take the orange con-man with you!!

  • at 1:20 … "so it's a policy that exacerbated wealth inequality in the country in a pretty significant way" … what a LOAD OF BULLSHIT. Compare Bill Gates' fortunes growing at $80+ MILLIONS EVERY WEEK to <$12/hour scraps that immigrants are competing over with each other…. That's inequality. Ouch. What a fucking lying bitch!

  • surprised to see this d-bag goofus again…careful…your privilege is showing…lol…
    can not believe Trump still gets any approval. 33% is still to much for this "president"

  • Dam…each time i see this guy,i want to hit him and as soon as he starts talking,i wana kick him so hard…I wonder if hes registered somewhere as a sex offender…?

  • I am more afraid of some White House
    Cabinet members
    Than opposing
    ignorance is
    Making policies.
    Common sense and
    Diplomacy isn't. The attitude
    Isn't healthy. The energy
    Is so powerful it can reach Russia and China.
    What are we projecting?
    Please General Kelly…..
    Do something, especially with this
    Climbing,stress filled
    STEVEN Miller..he is
    An unbecoming
    Public servant….this is
    Unexceptable….and why
    Is everyone angry?!?! In
    The press briefing…..
    I have never seen anything like this….

  • This is why i voted Trump, this is just common sense in government– who has not known common sense for as long as i have been paying attention. We have to get wages up, we have to get those who fell though the cracks back to work for a living wage, and for that companies need to compete for workers, so there must be a deficit of workers. Like i said, common sense. IMO all immigration should stop until we have a 110% work force for a few years, wages need to double, and that wont happen with an over supply of workers. It all comes down to supply and demand, basic school boy stuff.

  • So his argument is there is so many unskilled immigrant workers that are taking all the skilled jobs, paychecks and social services from Americans. He cites no statistics and his argument is contradictory at best. There are 3 kinds of Republicans. There are Billionaires, Millionaires and fools. If you vote Republican ask yourself which of the three kinds of Republicans are you?

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