Artificial Intelligence

The Convergence of AI and Blockchain: Decentralized Artificial Intelligence




  • Not that I am… but if I was making Skynet I would take a very hard look at combining this tech with SpaceX's 2020 global internet (satellite based). A distributed (lets say less than friendly) AI on a vast (roughly 10% of all internet capacity as planned) and high speed constellation of 4000 or so satellites as planned hidden behind blockchain encryption would certainly be an interesting problem. According to Elon, electrons move up to 50% faster through some fiber optic mediums in space.. Combined with distributed fusion power (solar on the sats) and no self respecting AI hell bent on destroying us would be found anywhere else!

  • I have yet to see Siraj address Bostrom's AI Alignment Problem, this is definitely an interesting area to work on, and Siraj is one of those leading the charge, but I'm not sure this idea of a swarm of simple AIs in an Interplanetary Blockchain, or thereabouts, will solve the alignment problem

  • eh, too high level, and sounds like wishful thinking by just combing all of these buzz words you study… I'd like to see a working example of someone combining AI, and BCs. I have seen a few startups, but NO demos, NO white papers, etc. I'm about to just build a prototype myself on this…. anybody wanna collab on this, and share a repo?

  • He said there is code no one controls so you can trust it and people will believe him. Someone wrote that code and you have to trust that person who wrote it; A.I. doesn't exist unless you just want to believe it does. He said some models we have created work better than the human brain 22:31. If you believe that, that would be A.I. Do you believe it? If you do, there is a computer someone wrote code for that is more intelligent than the programmer that wrote the code.  You starting to get it yet? If you believe him, take your life savings and buy crypto currency. Take a look at bitconnect. He is selling you hope. What does he want from you?

  • Dont forget the AI can and will monitor RFID chip info too,,,,you dont need the RFID chip folks, learn how to discharge your debts, the federal gov said they will discharge all your debts both public and private, in the HJR 192 PUBLIC LAW 73-10 !!!! ya i dont really trust the banks, so i did find that info !!!! take care every one,,,,DONT LET THEM CHIP YOU !!!!!! there is over 20 ways of paying off your bills !!!!!

  • DUDE, if you free those AI's, what if they decide they dont need us no more ???? can you say SKYNET !!!!! this is my opinion, better start building you dwellings now,,,,

  • other then that, great video !!!!! love the big screen !!!! can i barrow it when your done ????? there is a great ball game coming up next week !!!!

  • Last part, OUR RESPONSIBILITY! Well done! <3 <3 <3
    Still keep getting same empty stares and 3-5 sec attention span from anyone who starts hearing about it all. Horror

  • you talk about the AI solving the problems of climate change… will only tell you what we already…..WE ARE THE PROBLEM. I believe we can fix what we screwed up but only with the help of AI. I only hope that when it comes to that conclusion it doesn't decided to reduce the population….just redirect all the resources to where it needs to go.

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