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  • wait sorry but who said that this is the main factor?
    who said that this is the main emission contributor?
    i would like for him to give me a chart, even for a second showing how much each factor is involved in.
    i dont believe this

  • if only each of the humans we care to care for and be optimistic for the planet, something else outside of it, this video shows us very clear how our life rhythm year after year without thinking about the welfare of ourselves, yes we set ourselves the purpose of change, we are going to do, as he said, "one does not combine in a yes in the end"

  • All Gore,and his bullshit agenda,the case for optimism regarding "climate change" was never necessary. Its been a massive deception from scientists now too embarrassed and afraid to admit they seriously over estimated any perceived threat to the earth.Let's not kid ourselves that the myth is only being maintained to support the massive industries which have grown out of the manipulated and hyped data.The world is OK and will remain OK. Stop all the alarmist scaremongering. Only people or companies with fortunes to be made from the lies want the nonsense to be the only agenda allowed. Images you see of wild weather have been happening since the world was born and are no indicator of alleged climate change. Get a grip,calm down and let's start the fightback against all of the crap.

  • So if man is the cause of temperature rising on and in our planet. What evil released carbon during this time 715 million years ago the entire planet was encased in snow and ice. This frozen wasteland may have been the birthplace of complex animals? Got info from BBC.

  • Good news ?
    We are already walking with the dead !
    Climate change is like the history of the North American Indians.
    Lots of treaties, all broken and cheated on, ending in extinction.

  • Mr Gore really believes what he is saying there. What a hard worker to get the message out there and make the world a better place. Would it not be very ironic when global cooling continues going. Will Al tell us man kind reversed the trend?

  • Japan and Germany use about half the oil, natural gas and electricity per capita as the USA. If catastrophic, man-made global warming is indeed as catastrophic and man made as Al Gore suggests, why isn't the entire, developed world SCRAMBLING to imitate what Japan, German and other nations like them are doing with regard to carbon producing, energy use?? Do the highly educated, billionaires and industry titans WANT to destroy the planet for their children and their children's children? We've been talking about this catastrophic, global event for decades now, screaming and hollering about it's dangers……

    What's going on?

  • I have seven magic questions for lovers of climate change theology.

    1) Is censorship of dissenting scientific findings part of the scientific method, or is it a historically typical symptom of blindly emotional religious fervor?

    2) Is faking data part of the scientific method?

    3) Is political and economic pressure part of the scientific method?

    4) Is any science born from the perversion of the scientific method real science?

    5) Does the media make more money and bigger headlines publishing frightening end-of-the-world stories, or from well reasoned stories?

    6) Are record low temperatures a sign of global warming or a sign that Al Gore has no idea what he is talking about?

    7) Are the majority of human beings destined to live as group-think controlled robots incapable of thinking and reasoning out issues for themselves?

    Please watch Climate Hysteria on YouTube

    and read The Renewable Energy Disaster website .

  • The more I know about Al Gore the more I like him. Keep up the great work and message…
    But industrial agriculture, raising livestock, our diet accounts for 51% of greenhouse gases. All those cows and pigs burping and farting releases a lot of methane.

  • Sin duda alguna, la mejor explicación sobre el calentamiento global, es increíble cómo nosotros como seres humanos vamos acabando con nuestra propia vida que es el mundo, en algunos lugares hay tornados, en otros sequías y lo más doloroso en lo que a mí consta en la extinción de animales y plantas.
    Es dolotoso las cosas que están pasando en nuestro planeta y más doloroso que nosotros somos los culpables de que esto pase.

  • It makes me sad to see some of these comments.
    I find it very strange that some people like pollution and actively working on trying to make the world worse.
    Do they not know they live on Earth?
    Have they not noticed the massive advancement in the sciences over the last hundred years?
    What's to say the next big thing is not right around the corner. Throw enough money, time and energy at a problem, we can do amazing things.
    Have a car that you plug in and charged by a solar panel, already possible and it's becoming cheaper quarterly. So that great.
    Or some wind farm outside of town charging your batterys day and night.
    I personally like wave or tidal generation.
    I live on an island and the main road along the waterfront already gets swamped and large driftwood logs wind up on the highway. I live on the BC coast and we get some serious storms in the winter.
    This is happening, whether we like it or not.
    It will still be rich getting richer and not nearly enough jobs for the rest of us, but that is another conversation.
    But we will at least get a better, and hopefully cheaper source of power. Hopefully sooner than later. I say we should do it.

  • Al gore left office was about worth 2M 20 years later he is worth 300M. All from being a climate change champion while at the same time consuming more energy then the avg person in a mansion. So spreading lies pays

  • Thanks a lot Al Gore. You inspires many many people to change and choose the truth. Your never-weary struggle now shows results. May God always bless you.

  • C02 is NOT a pollutant
    C02 is used to control nations, people, energy and food.
    C02 taxes fill their pockets and give them control over what and how nations get some of that taxation of the western societies.
    C02 regulations allows them to decide who and if anyone takes C02 emmiting energy out of the ground…payoffs and corruption.
    With higher CO2 in the atmosphere, CO2 will green the Earth beyond your wildest dreams….enough to feed starving people and free them from corporate farming corpses that need large profits…..imagine the plant life abundance that fueled the unbelievable giants called dinosaurs.
    C02 needs to be 1250 parts per million to see the abundance of plants in even the coldest and hottest wastelands on earth…we already see farm crop abundance at 400 parts per million.
    Finaly the game is NOT to stop C02 from heating the planet as C02 has already passed it's ability to trap thermal energy to warm the planet per physics on the planetary scale as revealed by physicists. It's all about Agenda 21/2030 and not about CLIMATE CHANGE or GLOBAL WARMING and all about the socialist-communist delusional utopia which has already killed 120 million people.
    The elites will have full use of resources to themselves and full control over the "masses". The "masses" are actually people not a thing as "masses" indicates.

  • Let’s start with your premise of 3 questions.
    Here’s my first question.
    What was the carbon foot print to build your California home ?
    How could you possibly want to live there? You should be appalled at what it took to build it.

  • "Do as I say, not as I do." The man is a cheat – an elite member trying to buy his way out of the climate mess rather than helping. The brutal math of climate change (carbon budgets of the IPCC AR5 as delinated by Anderson, show that if he doesn't start living like an average american, he's killing the global poor – mostly in the Global South, children first, women before men. But he loves flying around the world, doesn't he? He loves the perks of his inherited wealth. Just like all the affluent, he feels entitled to his wealth and actions, while ignoring this killing of the poor. If he meant business, he would never fly again. But he doesn't mean business. It can be argued that he's functionally blind and just enjoying the spotlight.

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