The Case Against Reality | Prof. Donald Hoffman on Conscious Realism




  • How about we use our brains and focus on the destruction of our lives- our healthcare system, big pharma, insurance & healthcare prices & the destruction of our Government by the corrupted left and getting our country United and working together for better lives & health. ??

  • My concern is how this knowledge of how we’re wired will be manipulated against our best interests — just as the food industry manipulates our preferences to increase sales by strategically targeting how our brains seek nutrition.

  • This also explains the persistence of religion. Religion dumb-downs reality to reduce its complexity into digestible ideas which don’t take too much energy to comprehend. “God did it.” eliminates the energy expenditure required to really dig into reality to understand its fundamental truths.

  • 35mins in… we don't want to be like Jobe Smith in 1992 film The Lawnmower Man. We would turn our existence into nothing but clippings. But then, if we do figure out the truth, even just a little bit to be able to manipulate it, could we build a holodeck?

  • We are chemistry. There is no “other” element in our brains. We have to explain consciousness with the items we know exist. We are made up on inanimate building blocks.

    We do know that photosynthesis uses quantum mechanics to convert CO2 and H2O into sugars, so it’s not a stretch to explain how QM may play a part in consciousness.

    But to infer an external cause of consciousness without basis or proof is just conjecture.

    We’re seeing in AI how only a few layers of neural surrogates in a network can decode speech, manipulate images, etc.

    We are extraordinarily complex. It will take time to get the model right. But to say “you can’t get consciousness from inanimate components” is in itself self-defeating. We were able to predict gravitational waves but it took decades before the tech evolved for us to witness and confirm the premise. But to say “we can”t know” is careless.

  • So where does this law of dumbed down complexity coming from? There seems to have been a conscious effort in evolution…but evolution itself is a crapshoot and blindly guided, right?

    Life is too complex for me to have faith in evolution. Sorry.

  • Many Pagans, including me, say "Don't conjure and invite a consciousness from a portal you're not prepared to banish." This is fascinating and explains scientifically what Pagans have practiced in a raw form and I've always known that our practices and rituals tap into something that what will someday be quantified. Dr. Hoffman and his colleagues are getting there and I'm beyond excited about this research.

  • Would have loved to hear where is ESP would fit into our consciousness. I do believe some people have that extra gear. I think I have had it in a small way and would like to do better.

  • You know what be really interesting? Bringing back the consciousness of someone that past. This would be especially helpful because everyone knows Epstein didn't kill himself.

  • Astrology is a metaphor, psychoanalysis is a metaphor, we are a metaphor … Hoffman's proposal is a beautiful and structured metaphor … you don't need to understand its mathematical foundations to appreciate its implications.

  • What does this guy think “truth” is? I always thought it was defined as “that which reliably corresponds with reality”. By that definition, fitness points often correspond with truth because it’s the external physical reality that’s about to eat you, or let you reproduce with it, etc. Our senses correspond surprisingly well with reality. No device is perfect. But this guy is selling one big fat false dichotomy.

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