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Tesla Autonomy 4/6: Q&A Neural Networks




  • What Machine Learning and Data Processing Frameworks and tools is Tesla using for developing these neural network models and process, label, refine data? Is it Tensorflow? Also which is the their preferred language for their machine learning problems? Can you provide a comprehensive list for that?

  • karpathy – 'the neural network approach enables you to deal with things the way the human does'
    reporters – 'what about snow?'
    karpathy – 'can humans drive in snow?'

    reporters – ' what about bad vis?'
    karpathy – ' can humans deal with bad vis?'

    reporters – 'what about following other cars?'
    karpathy – 'do humans follow other cars?'

    reporters – 'what about changing lanes?'
    karpathy – ' do humans change lanes?'

    reporters – 'what about…'


  • The lane-change question at the start: The question-asker is probably one of those people I've cut off many times. People who dart in front of me when I'm already a little closer than I should be for real safety. And not with real warning time, either. And I'm sure I would cut off a Tesla AV, too.

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