Stanely Druckenmiller on Economy, Stocks, Bonds, Trump, Fed: Full Interview


Billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller discusses the outlook for the U.S. economy, his investment strategy for stocks and bonds, President Donald Trump’s attempts to sway Federal Reserve policy and the prospects for a solution to the U.S.-China trade dispute. He talks with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker. (This interview was from December 17, 2018)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the video are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Saeed Valadbaygi.

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  • 2018? bloomberg you know better than anyone else financial information only lasts three months. if that. i love stan but i suppose this will be the fourteenth time i say FUCK bloomberg. reposting view scavenging garbage.

  • this showed up on new and trending. yeah again fuck you bloomberg. "errbot scurd bout the bubble so we gotta post up on some druckenmiller. what a joke.

  • why does Bloomberg think that it is a good idea to re-upload their stuff? 🙁 somehow I can't believe in the first thought that it is about 'youtube money'.

  • BS… Notice he said he maid more money on the bear market? If he has been betting on the bear since this interview was made (Dec 2018 video), I can you imagine how much money he's been loosing. He actually looks like he shits his pants and is begging for the market to drop for personal recovery.

    I will not forget that Trump made an economic recovery like no other US president before him by doing exactly the opposite of what the so called "experts" advised. I am bullish for as long as Trump is president (4 yrs+). Bring it on!!! 🙂

  • Look, I'm probably not the guy to take financial advise from. But I believe in doing What Works.
    What Worked for the USA was housing fixed interest rates of 6.0 to 7.0% We were slowly booming until Gerald Ford's Monetary Adviser, Alan Greenspan placed a land mine for the Carter Administration that they ignored until too late.
    I signed for my 1st house in December 76 at 7% my neighbor signed in January for the same identical house at 8% Interest rates went through the roof as the National Debt began to climb and the Carter Misery Years was in full swing throwing out every bodies jobs and closing factories permanently.
    I expect the banks to make money
    Now what Carter also did was send our Auto, Steel and Oil Union Jobs off to cheap foreign Labor away from EPA, OSHA, Human Rights, Child Labor and Threat Of Union Contract. This began a trend of giving away all of our jobs but also ALLOWED CORPORATIONS TO BANK ROUGHLY $14 TRILLION IN OFFSHORE BANKS AWAY FROM OUT TAX SYSTEM AND OUR JOB MARKET.
    So I'm also saying it is vital to CUT THE FRIG OUT OF THE CORPORATE CAPITAL GAINS TAX TO LURE THOSE INVESTMENTS BACK HOME. Back under our EPA, OSHA, Human Rights, Child Labor Laws and The Unions may need to chill the hell out to keep jobs in the USA.
    ELIMINATE THE MINIMUM WAGE!!!!!! This is the USA and you are not chained to your job…the point here is the Minimum wage locks over 54 million of the 95 million unemployed out of the job market. The $7 minimum wage also draws 3rd World Migrants that see the $7 as good as gold. So we are telling our workers not to work for less than $15 while those jobs are going to foreigners for $7 thus doing the jobs that we won't do…which is the plan of the Democrat Party. They have no intention of giving Amnesty as they would have to clean their own toilets.
    Let the Market determine wages as well as prices.
    Most importantly Re elect Trump in 2020.

  • We are in prosperity mode folks.
    This guy is a socialist a pig.
    He gets paid for putting socialist ideology.
    He's a keysian idiot.

  • People are also saying wages are going up True, But it is because states are taking it upon themselves to rise the minimum wage, And a lot of businesses are following them. Research and don't listen to anyone!!!!!

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