Spirituality Is Not Natural – It Needs To Be Introduced In Your Life – MUST WATCH



  • Very happy you focused onto that. Countless are the reasons to become vegetarian or vegan, but it's all about spirituality.

    Tonight I watched this vid
    and there is more like this, all traps we stepped into. For example maltreatment of your gut by exercises and following a model induced by media.
    Also The way we move our body, because of time rush, work, wrong environment, wrong vestments.

    It's amazing how much we got to work out to get rid of all the perversion brought onto us

  • You now I follow Chi Energy for a very long time.

    You’re body tells you what you need not to worm or to cold. Ying and yang balance Meat once in a blue moon it’s ok .

    Soul voice you’re livening in Gods Land Kerala!!!!

  • Soul voice, glad you are back! This title is not quite correct. Spirituality is very natural. I have relearned how natural spirituality is from a consistent meditation practice. We all have wiring within us, only it seem to be disconnected through there fluoride, toxins, and brainwashing. The problem is that we all have been separated from our consciousness.The powers that be have used everything from their houses of indoctrination(schools), television, movies, and their manufactured science to take us off the path of spirituality. Not all of today's science is rubbish, but a great deal of it.You were right in a previous video that even here in India the former land of spirituality, has also been infiltrated by the dark forces, but I am not sold on this whole Philippines being the new frontier. In my visit there, I did not see what you saw. Yes the people are nice, but injustice and dark forces are flourishing there also. I don't think anywhere on the earth has been spared by these "dark forces", as you put it. At least on the lands that we know of.

  • I feel I was born "spiritual" but the world clobbered me in a hard material way, which confused, sidelined me for a very long time. The spiritual side of me was starving and still is, this is why so many of us have to retract from the outer world in order to self-preserve. Thanks for your work, brother!!

  • Spirituality is a term coined recently by the so called modern civilization. There is no word or concept similar to spirituality in the vedas. Infact I completely disagree with your previous video on spirituality as we know it. You become spiritual only through connection with the self and that starts with self contemplation. The first step to spirituality is activating your intuitive intelligence. And this happens only if you interact or live close to nature and being alone is a part of it. Spirituality is not disconnecting but connecting with your core self which is qualitatively similar in every living cell of every thing in nature. I don't understand the point of forcing myself and shoving myself in a chaotic corporate like kill bill environment. Sorry, but I humbly disagree.

    Also I would like to know your research on semen rentention, masterbation and using condoms and contraceptives.

  • Thank you for your amazing regular understanding, driving force coupled with advanced learning to assist my venture to progressively more consciously mindful and thus spiritually connected.

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