Artificial Intelligence

Smart Cities and Agenda 2030 Examined




  • It’s cheaper to create a new city imbedded with tech then add to existing grids. They are waiting for us to break, cities to day, before they create new ones.
    Unless you’re China, then you build ghost cities and force people to move there eventually.
    There’s going to be something very bad happen, a lot more than we are accustomed will be effected, and then this world will be a one world (monopoly) corporation.

    AI will be the brain of the beast, quantum will give it all the answers by using all of our data and quantum entanglement knowledge. The only way you can be a wild card for the system is learn the words of Jesus.

    Sounds crazy, I know. Something in you knows it to be true. I wake up to it daily, and fall asleep just like you every night.

    Continuously wake up. Keep fighting.
    God bless.

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