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Singularity, the Matrix and Artificial Intelligence – review and comments (Part 1)




  • An interesting note on Predictive Programing… Avatar came out in 2009. The Marine hero in Avatar served in the US Marines and fought in Venezuela. The moment I saw this I knew the US would be sending its military to Venezuela. Currently the country is on the verge of collapse. They have more oil that Saudi Arabia which is why the US will take it.

  • I found some information today and wanted to share with you. It lists the rulers of Tartary. Another thing I found was an article about CIA report about the erasing of the history of Tartary and thought you would be interested. CIA Report dated for release in 1999 RDP8-2771R00020000002-6 NATIONAL CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT UNDER COMMUNISM at the CIA website. There is a link in the document that takes you to the PDF and

    This video on liquefaction could explain some of the mud flood evidence you have found in Russia and in other places in Europe. Sorry this is so long but much of what I was researching today seems to fall in with what your videos have been about.

  • Your English is just fine and content amazing! I especially enjoyed the perfectly symmetric art, architecture you displayed, saying it's not a 'hand job'! Thanks for opening our eyes to unseen info… Please keep your great discoveries coming.

  • Very interesting! I don't believe I have heard you state your own theory, I think I assumed you were a flat earther. I would love to hear your own theory Philipp, so can you please direct me to which of your videos where you stated it? Cheers, Mallorie

  • Here is the answer to the problem of the Matrix for those who may have the concentration. The 'Matrix' IS the ego…The Agents are those who control all other ego's from being a better informed and higher elected ego, but still limited by ego. And concerning Agents and peoples alike; so long as the ego thinks it is real, it will forever remain a prisoner to its self in a world limited by it's own ideas. This is why the Ego-Agent cannot escape the Ego-Matrix. The shape-shifting symbology of the Agents represents an ego like that of a politician; he plays a role and sits on the side with the big battalions, and therefor holds all power according to everyone who holds the same beliefs. Within the 'Ego-Matrix' the Agent merely represents a belief in materialism, whereas Neo represents a belief in idealism. The historic battle of Good over evil, ignorance over wisdom. The light shone in the darkness but the darkness comprehended it not. Neo was able to escape the matrix through the gaining of insight into what is the Matrix, or what is the ego. This occurred only because he sought higher wisdom and understanding from others whom were already enlightened; those who had insight into the 'Ego-Matrix' and were able to teach it. He found that 'when the student is ready the teacher will arise' and so in like manner he then found Trinity. The unplugging is the enlightenment or mystical experience. The concept of being able to plug back into the Matrix is simple; he who IS enlightened can live on two levels at once. He no longer has any attachment to the physical world but he is not so far out that he can no longer relate to society. He is no longer limited by any idea whatever, because he understands that reality escapes all concepts. The real world as it is seen after enlightenment, is seen through the eyes of truth and compassion which is why it appears so bleak. The aftermath of materialism. To those veiled by the Matrix, those still plugged in and asleep; Cypher offers us the answer that ignorance is bliss. The reality is the same either way and we all live in it together, except that some are aware of the illusion and most are not. Reality escapes most because nothing is permanent and we cannot understand it and so this is very difficult to grasp, but people falsely believe otherwise. He who accepts the name will never possess the fact. And this is why man has free will to the extent that he knows who he is, and not otherwise. Why are so many people asleep? Well unfortunately ignorance is compounding, and because selfishness IS ignorance this is done to oneself and spread amongst others. He who persists in his folly will eventually become wise. One who outgrows their ignorance through trial and error. A tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

  • When I did my HALO jumps, I saw the curve. Pronounced as can be. Now, unless our helmets had a special program that flattened the earth at ground level then automatically curved it at a certain altitude I can only know the curve exists. The total size I firmly believe due to experience is way larger. HALO jumps are now available to the public for a fee of course. I wish more folks would try them.

  • Very good points Philipp! This world IS NOT A COMPUTER PROGRAM/Simulation. BUT "THEY" plan to turn it into one!!!! By "THEY" I mean another civilization/realm who conquered the Flat Earth by the Mud Flood….and my humble opinion is that "THEY" are succeeding in reaching their goal…. PLEASE describe in greater detail your theory or ideas about what's going on ….THANK YOU!!!!

  • We are batteries Now. Please research Adrenochrome. The sacred secretion or the Christ oil. This would be a good video to do.
    Thank you for what you do.

  • 👍. Yes indeed..what came 1st..the egg or the chicken ?? The million $ question. On the surface level of every day reality it -IS -a paradox.. yes indeed…..BUT if you have perception focused @ the most minute, micro, quantum level where reality becomes unified ..there is no paradox. The answer is the “creator” God ..who “spoke” ( vibration ) creation into reality. By the way… this reality can be experienced that naughty word called “ prayer”/ meditation. This “matrix” … the day to day dumbed down reality being pulled over humanity’s eyes. Theres 2 sides to the coin..good v/s evil…ever noticed ?? “Evil” wants the creators creations ( humans ) destroyed… plain & simple. The most powerful force in the universe is…Not A.I ..not the matrix..not black holes… but is that pesky 4 letter word…LOVE…..take that to the bank ! 🌻.. happy fall. 😘

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