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Science Documentary: DNA Hard Drives, Quantum Computing, Moore’s Law




  • I'm sorry I haven't said this earlier, but thank you for uploading and compiling all of these documentaries. I'm sorry that the amount of views you get are few but know that as long as you continue to upload these videos I will continue to watch them.

    A friend

  • Ran across this old patent 3190554 of a digital computer that ran on compressed air. Was such a digital computer ever built? Would it be possible to make such an air powered¬†digital computer with 3D printing and Nano tech?

  • Non of these technologies will come to pass, the ruling elite would never enable and liberate humanity with such immense power. Rather we will be depopulated by 95% then surfs will build this for the new gods!

  • "Moore's Law" = The number of TRANSISTORS doubles roughly every 18 to 24 months, largely a function of photolithography.

    Look it up… Or ask Gordon Moore himself.

  • He lost me when he tried to say everything has 3 billion lines of code even an ANT!! COME ON FFS clearly they won't have the same amount and be so much smaller!!!

  • 0.28 – 0.31 seconds into this him talking about DNA: 'Its not magic, its not special' – Wow, to reverse engineer or breakdown something that has been perfected by GOD in heaven and his creation that creates life and to say…'its not magic, not special'…Well done for being the one to point this out and ofcourse did you create the DNA strand? Wow, man is just so clever nowadays!!…

  • This raises the question, can we force ourselves to evolve? Or better yet, create new life. If you can write information to DNA, you can take the thing that allows us to exist, and tweak (or completely rewrite) it to your benefit. once that's done you could implant that DNA into a cell and clone what essentially would be a human hybrid. As a matter fact I take that bit about completely rewriting DNA for now, since, as far as I know, we don't have the technology to clone without a surrogate of the same or similar species. But you could still tweak human DNA and implant into cell then a surrogate egg. I'd love to see what comes of it. We could literally rewrite our entire history of evolution. Or we could just get the equivalent of a mule for humans. But the most intriguing of all is the possibility of write DNA into the human genome for super brain.

  • In the 18 months since the publication of these discussions, D-WAVE, a Canadian company in Burnaby BC, has been manufacturing quantum chips and selling imminence systems to NASA, CERN, the Globalist banking industry, and GOOGLE.
    Now,, ….. IBM is offering access to Quantum Cloud computing time to anyone willing to pay for it. Their promise is that the answer to any question, regardless of complexity, is almost instantaneous. The only wait time the user will experience will be from the line up waiting for their turn to enter the questions into the Quantum computer(s) available.

    Surely, this is the dawning of the QUANTUM AGE.
    Our next stop is Star Trek Universe technology, ….. AND BEYOND!!!

  • DNA is similar to a hard drive or storage device, in that contains the memory of each cell of every living, and has the instructions on how to make that cell. DNA is four molecules combined in any order to make a chain of one larger molecule. And if you can read that chain of four molecules, then you have a sequence of characters, like a digital code. Over the years the price of sequencing a human genome has dropped significantly, much to the delight of scientists. And since DNA is a sequence of four letters, and if we can manipulate DNA, we could insert a message and use DNA as the storage device.

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