Sandbox Assassin: The AI of Hitman (2016) | AI and Games




  • Chapter I: 4:44 – The Hitman AI Architecture
    Chapter II: 13:05 – The Crowd AI System
    Chapter III: 19:27 – The AI of Hitman 2016
    Chapter IV: 25:32 – AI-Driven Animation
    Chapter V: 28:45 – The AI of Hitman 2

    The AI of Hitman is the longest episode of AI and Games I've ever attempted, as it explores the AI behind not one, but three games, that all rely on the same core architecture. With special thanks to IO Interactive who reached out and helped me refine this episode to make it as accurate as possible. I hope you all enjoy it.

  • From now on, anytime I make guards evac a target….I'll just hear the Google Assistant voice in my head coming from the lead bodyguard as he exclaims: "Calculating route"

  • Excellent video as always. If you're up for suggestions, possibly take a crack at MGSV:TPP, that game had some decent (as in believable) AI routines, with a lot of attention to detail.

  • Totally brilliant! I'm a computer vision researcher and despite working in machine learning every day, I had no clue about how refined and diverse the engineering is in these games. That, and Hitman is my favourite game of all time! Thank you for this video ❤️

  • Usually YouTube algo would "recommend" me shit show. For once I'm very well pleased with the recommendation !
    This vid' is a very good addition to the NoClip Docu Serie and deserves recognition on its own right !

  • Best example of your topic is Sapienza, all NPC’s act so casual and are doing unique activities like the dancer near the docks and a priest doing confessions. It makes the world feel lively and the freedom of entering different buildings like the infamous art shop (near the archway at the crashed van site) which even though small it still makes Hitman an interactive and explorable game. This is probably the most replayed game I’ve played and never got bored doing challenges and just fucking around.

  • Hi, look into the Driver AI of MotoGP 2019 – thats very interessting, maybe you can point out if this is the furture of AI – in most games the AI more A than I 😉

  • One note…the AI does not seem to work on the 'looking at them' principal you described; covers seem to be blown just as fast with your back turned. It's almost like they know their Indian friend with hair isn't a near-albino with a shaved head and a barcode tattoo…at least they know that sometimes. Other times they are just like, "Hey, you changed your size, skin color, face and hair in the 30 seconds you were in the other room…and you got a tattoo on your head! None of my business. Oh hey, a crowbar just flew at the wall…I should look at the crow bar rather than where it flew from. Oh hey, I found a flashing rubber duck on the ground…better put it in my pocket. Someone put something in my drink right in front of me…but they ran away being chased by guards so I guess there is no harm in drinking it." Maybe it would be more accurate to call it artificial ignorance than artificial intelligence…still abbreviates the same.

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