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RISC-V is coming, let's discuss Instruction Set Architecture!




  • "Figure 1.1 illustrates the standard RISC-V instruction-length encoding convention. All the 32-bit instructions in the base ISA have their lowest two bits set to 11. The optional compressed 16-bit instruction-set extensions have their lowest two bits equal to 00, 01, or 10. Standard instruction- set extensions encoded with more than 32 bits have additional low-order bits set to 1, with the conventions for 48-bit and 64-bit lengths shown in Figure 1.1. Instruction lengths between 80 bits and 176 bits are encoded using a 3-bit field in bits [14:12] giving the number of 16-bit words in addition to the first 5×16-bit words. The encoding with bits [14:12] set to 111 is reserved for future longer instruction encodings.

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