Artificial Intelligence

Replaced by robots? The challenges and opportunities of automation for the workforce




  • The whole point of the Turing Test is to assess the social intelligence of an AI. These guys saying that jobs that involve social intelligence are safe is inconsistent with Kurzweil's prediction that AI will pass the Turing Test no later than 2029. That's only 15 years away.

  • How does he reconcile the claim that robots are bad at manipulation with the existence of a robot that does hamburgers – the whole fast-food sector is in danger of being automated and this will happen precisely because the field of robot manipulation is already quite advanced. I begin to worry about the actual expertise of these guys…

  • The claim that AI is not good at creativity is also dubious: because a great deal of creativity is re-combination of pre-existing items, AI has the power to sift faster and more systematically through all possible combinations and identify those that work. The fact that Watson recently created recipes for cuisine that put chefs to shame is a case in point.

  • I watched many videos on youtube related on this subject and I see that many people say that more jobs will be created and no other details.
    What are the chances that those future jobs will be automated too?
    I don't think there are needed hundreds of millions of people in the scientific disciplines, as researchers.Because these are the only jobs I can of think of that will be the last to automate. Whatever new fields of research will appear in the future, the researchers will just use robots for what ever they discover and need a lot of individuals to create or analyze or whatever…
     So I think there will be forced depopulation, with or without our knowledge of it.
    And about Ray Kurzweill prediction that we'll upload our minds into a supercomputer, I doubt it, even it will be possible. That will happen only if the richest will want to get rid of too much people on earth and force most of them in the computer. Life extension (the stopping slowing of aging process will be discovered and who will want to go into a computer generated world when a person will be able to live how much she wants in this reality?

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