Race to the South Pole: Terra Nova Expedition Documentary




  • It seems the best planning would include contingencies. No expedition goes perfectly, and one into an unknown world seems destined to go awry. I'm not saying these weren't brave men, because they were, but the planning was foolhardy in not having a plan B, C, D, etc. Regardless, 0°F no longer seems as cold as before I watched this documentary! Congrats to the Norwegian Amundsen for the win.

  • Amundsen was better prepared and more familiar with dogs, Scott thought it cruel to kill the weaker dogs to feed the stronger dogs, his route was shorter. In Scott's defense he relied on the weather reports and predictions, they were wrong and didn't take in to account the possibility of a freak storm, it hit them on the way back when they were beaten down from the trip to the pole, it was a last hurdle that the weakened men could not get over, I think Scott would have made it if not for the weather, I think he was only an adequate leader, he didn't allow for emergencies, he also had to do scientific research and stopped often do do these experiments, his last sledge had 300 pounds of rocks on it, Amundsen only had to get there, another advantage, Amundsen also had his party on skies, one was an Olympic skier, and he limited their rations to just four items, they wore the clothing the Inuit wore in the high northern latitudes, you can't take anything away from Scott, no one can doubt his courage, he was beaten by the weather, the British have the right to think of him as a hero, because he was a hero, whether he survived or not keep on justasinger54

  • Roald Amundsen was a remarkable man: he died during a rescue attempt and was one of the first party to successfully cross the NorthWest Passage as well.
    What happened with Scott and his team was tragic but could so easily have been avoided. However hindsight is, as they say 20/20…

  • I find the hatred for Scott, his team and the people of Great Britain in the comments here rather disgusting, I would love to see what you smartass obease nerds could do in -40F with frost bitten feet, scurvy, malnutrition and the ache of pulling a huge sled over 'sand dune like' snow. Shame on you. Scott's team are all HEROES they made it to the pole with underrated clothing and against time, even though they got there second they still made it using equipment far inferior to the Norwegian team. They hauled incredibly heavy sleds 1800 miles in -20 – -40 F and with frost bitten feet. Anyone who completes this accomplishment should be recognised as a HERO even if they didn't make it back. Fuck you jealous foreign swines, you envy Great Britains sense of national pride, we are SO proud of our country's achievements, and we are JUST AS PROUD of our failures. This ability is not common among any other nation. Those who perish in great faliures are remembered as heroes due to them showing great bravery against tremendous odds. We are a small island that CONQUORED 1/4 of the globe, the sun never set on our beautiful and prosperous empire. Notice the former imperial countries are all lawless overpopulated shitholes, this is due to British law,order and influence being removed from these countries. It was not a racist empire as Americans make it out to be, it was an empire that had regiments of Indian troops Gurkha warriors Sikh regiments and African regiments in our armies, they are all British and they are HEROES it was an empire that was the first to BAN slavery, it was an empire that had freed American slaves in its navy and army fighting for the empire and its values of justice and honour, we created the basis of the USA and created the basis of its laws and values. Britannia rules the waves and always will do. We are the proudest people on earth and you're all jealous! 🙂

  • In the end, Scott didn't have the courageous selflessness that the captain had just days before, that Scott had lauded as so worthy of imitation. None of us can be sure if we would've chosen to sacrifice ourselves either, but none of us accepted the responsibility for those mens' lives, either.

  • I don’t understand something. There were those three men left. Scott couldn’t move at all. Okay. But the other two, they were still able return, yes? But they didn’t want to leave Scott. Okay. So why ONE of them return to the camp with food, and come back for the other two men? It seems very… well foolish to just allow themselves to die. They were incredibly brave men who got trapped in a terrible situation, yet it seems that they preferred to die just to stay with Scott, as opposed to trying to save them all. I don’t understand that. I very much enjoyed this documentary; I love learning about these arctic adventures. I just don’t understand the decision the last three men made. The human survival instinct is incredibly strong. How could they just let themselves die? I just don’t understand.

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