Q&A #04: Some Thoughts on Myers-Briggs & Jungian Cognitive Functions



  • I like to think I have a high percentage of an INTJ (90%+) and a low percentage of an ESFP (~10%) Therefore, I have all 16 types but just varying degrees.

  • @10:50 and @11:55 and @15:00 How about schizoid PD and Aspergers then? I think Fi in INTJs (their tertiary function) finishes developing around early 30s. Until then their brain cannot comprehend Fi type of information and they rely mostly on their primary and secondary functions and resort to tertiary and inferior when the former two fails, but that puts them under stress because before 30, they have little command of the latter two. Developing good command of a cognitive function is like learning a new language. Before that, communication fails because each individual seems to be speaking a different language. (Consider the struggle N dominant types have to go until they can find N speakers and learn to speaks S). Perhaps this cannot be resolved thru therapy but by leaving it to time until when the individual can integrate a certain cognitive function into himself/herself thru time and practice and gradual exposure.

    @17:10 It's been a relief for me as well because my father expected and still expects me to be someone different than I naturally am and it used to create dissonance and feelings of low self worth in me before learning about my type. The thing is it did not happen instantly though but gradually over the course of 10 years or so as I delved deeper into the MBTI and psychology. So I guess that has been my process of developing my tertiary Ti, in MBTI terms.

    @22:05 Ne is impulsive in that it represents an ability to see multiple paths of possibilities to follow and wants to try out all paths at the same time (id). It's like mental gluttony. Ni represents a reserved/disciplined version of Ne, an ability to see multiple paths but choosing the most plausible path among many and sticking to it (superego).

    @23:40 I think these are good examples to ENTP-INFJ couples 🙂

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