Public Lecture by Justice Markandey Katju at UC Berkeley on ‘ Future of India ‘




  •  it's a Muslim's playground and a Hindu's graveyard.. 

    what's new about this??!!!!!!!!!! 695AD to 715AD: Muhammad bin Qasim was one of the early Islamic Terrorist from Mecca – First raided from Sindh inflicting 6,000 deaths at Rawar, between 20,000 and 26,000 at Brahmanabad, 4,000 at Iskalandah and 6,000 at Multan.

    998AD – 1002 AD: Mahmud of Ghazni, perhaps the most brutal mortal Islam has produced,one of his 17 "PEACE MISSIONS" include the raiding of Somnath Temple, which he destroyed in 1025 AD, killing over 50,000 people who tried to defend it, Later he had gilded lingam broken into pieces and had them made into steps for his mosque and palace.

    1193: Mu'izz al-Din won The Second Battle of Tarain, also known as the Battles of Taraori, took Bihar province in 1193 "eradicating" Buddhism in that area. And by eradication it simply means kill men and rape women.

    1398: Timur bin Taraghay Barlas, AKA Timur, he on his way to Delhi Sultanate, executed more than 100,000 "Hindu" captives.Noble king during his ransacking of Delh, took almost all inhabitants who are not killed as captured and enslaved.

    1661: Islamic Terror  Messenger Aurangzeb, Demolished Kesava Deo temple in Mathura, marked the place that Hindus believe was the birthplace of Shri Krishna and constructed Katra Masjid mosque. The Traces of the ancient Hindu temple can be seen from the back of the mosque.

    1669: Aurangzeb's imposition of Jaziya (a form of organized religious taxation).The Jats were led by Gokula Singh, a rebel landholder from Tilpat. In that year 20,000 Jat rebels were Killed and the Mughal Army took control of Tilpat, Gokula Singh was literally cut into pieces, as public execution.

    1761: Third Battle of Panipat; King of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Abdali, supported by two Indian Muslim allies—the Rohilla Afghans of the Doab, and Shuja-ud-Daula, the Nawab of Awadh. About 70,000 Maratha prisoners as executed by Afghans.

    1788: Tipu Sultan, ordered his governor in Calicut Sher Khan to begin the process of converting Hindus to Islam, and in July of that year, 200 Brahmins were forcibly converted and made to eat beef.Atleast 70,000 Kodavas were forcibly circumcised were incorporated into the Ahmedy Corps.

    1946: Noakhali riots, Bangladesh. The massacre of the Hindu population started on 10 October, on the day of Kojagari Lakshmi Puja, and continued unabated for about a week. It is estimated that over 5,000 Hindus were killed,hundreds of Hindu women were raped and thousands of Hindu men and women were forcibly converted to Islam

    2013 : Jamaat-e-Islami (In Bangladesh ) attacked specially the Hindu minorities, destroyed their houses and businesses, vandalized their temples and set them on fire,
    more than 50 Hindu temples and 1,500 Hindu homes were destroyed.

  • Mr. Katju could nave done us all…especially, the Berkeley audience a big favor if he had kindly sent a two-line email about a limited prognosis about the future of India ACCORDING TO KATJU:):) …I feel for Prof. Goldman — for being disappointed by Katju's erroneous, eccentric and primarily dis-honest reading of facts and his inaccurate presentation, interpretations — after making a laudatory introduction about the guest….Prof.  had to ask – as a matter of fact – at the end of Katju's talk as to what were his views about the TOPIC at hand.

  • Honourable Justice Katju: Thank you for delivering one of the most truthful and honest speeches ever. Development of India as projected by political masters is self serving charade.The plight of the poor and downtrodden is ignored. Opportunist politicians, corrupt bureaucrats and greedy big-business all are sucking blood of common man and getting fatter. You are 100% correct when you say that this can't continue for ever. The wicked will fall and common sense will prevail. When will this happen – remains unpredictable.

  • gandhi said there is one supreme and all religions lead to the same supreme , like different rivers merger into the same ocean . .read his raghupathi ragava rajaram or views of conservative Muslims of his time like khan abdul gafar khan ……..this guy Katju is brainwashing UCB

  • time will prove this guy katju is a idiot and UCB was trolled . . .
    this guy is product of soviet time subversion and brainwashing of Indian intellectuals which soviets actively perseved in India

    —–this guy really have no idea what he is talking about

  • 1:01:09 >1. You are considering Bose did not know of the true intentions of Japanese 2. Do you think Bose was a idiot or pseudo intellectual like you to not consider all these facts, go through his educational details – unlike you he was pragmatist and very good strategist – fighting war was his life he knew in and outs of it – he did consider the true intentions of Japanese to help INA but lack of other options he decided to take advantage of Japanese as much as possible, once British were defeated he had plans to mobilize Indian people in British forces if Japanese were to betray – – that's heart of true patriot — not like your I know it all attitude. . .get a life

  • Only an anti-Indian would like, love or agree with Mr. Katju! If you have to spread the truth then you would discuss with people of your own Country about their solutions! Why are you in America to discuss these issues? What good are you doing for India by this lecture! What motivates you to come to US to say such things! If you were Nationalist Indian at least utter a word of positive nature. I feel nothing but pity for your intellect and those who follow or believe in your ideas!

  • Indians are biologically inferior. What is the average IQ of India? A pitiful 82. Plus Indians are not a "race" as in a group of people with similar physical appearance like Whites or Orientals which is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition to archive first world status.

    So, India can NEVER become a 1st world country PERIOD.

    Accept it. No other choice.

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