Protect yourself from identity theft with these blackout roller stamps


Identity theft is one of the most pervasive crimes of the 21st century – affecting millions of Americans each year. 

In fact, in 2016 fraudsters were able to make off with $16 billion from more than 15 million victims in the US alone, according to a study by New Javelin Strategy and Research. 

Most of us have heard of identity thieves skimming debit card readers and using pin-capturing devices at ATMs to gain access to bank accounts, but the extent to their craftiness goes far beyond that. 

Hackers sometimes exploit security flaws in public Wi-Fi hotspots to find their next victim, while others will create their own fake Wi-Fi access points to steal your info and infect your device with malware. Some will even sift through your trash to uncover personal information lifted off bank statements, credit card bills, and more.


One of the easiest things you can do to keep your private info, well, private, is to block it out before you toss those papers in the trash. These identity theft prevention rollers are a great solution since they use ink to cover your info and hide it from dumpster diving crooks. Also, check out some cyber-security software while you’re here for added protection. 

The ExcelMark Roller Stamp eliminates the need for a bulky, noisy shredder. It covers a large area and has an adjustable width, so it’s perfect for covering big swaths of your personal information. With one swipe your info is covered by a unique, opaque pattern. And once the ink runs out, you can refill it with a pre-inked mount, eliminating the need for a separate messy inkpad.

Vantamo includes three free refills (a $6.99 value), so you have blackout coverage always at the ready. The ink is specially designed for hiding information, and it works on most paper types. 

It also includes a free e-book with tips on how to protect your identity. Its unique, classy design is the perfect addition to every desk.

This two-piece value pack by Guard Your ID wants to, well, guard your ID. The wide roller is twice the width of a traditional roller so you can cover more information with just a simple swipe. It uses an oil-based ink to penetrate nonglossy paper, so information on bills, bank statements, and tax returns is entirely unreadable. 

The pack also includes a smaller roller that works best on coated finishes, so use it on magazines or postcards. What makes it unique is that it is designed to roll smoothly across curved surfaces like prescription medicine bottles. Both sizes have a retractable roller head to prevent accidental inking when you aren’t using them.  

The Lionergy Stamp comes with ink already inside. Quickly blot out your private info on packages and shipments so you can put junk mail in the trash and feel good knowing your name and address isn’t showing. 

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