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Paul Embery on Lexit and Why the Left Has Abandoned the Working Class




  • Talks of facisim being labeled in bad faith then gets invloved smearing a man who clearly isnt a facist. Poor show i was listening until then. Nigel farage bein unfair labeled far right!! Then proceeds to label another man a fascist. Good en

  • Paul Embery, calls Tommy Robinson a racist but offers no concrete evidence and then goes on to warn the dangers of labeling opponents like Farage right wing. He's showing how little he knows about Tommy Robinson and has condemned him without any proper research…can't he see the authorities are using a sledge hammer to crack a nut.

  • I see the GCHQ Tommy trolls are out in force in the comments.
    Contempt of court. Putting a trial in jeopardy. Just to get more media attention. That is not the behaviour of a true justice seeker. Nor is the seeming support for Zionism.
    Great post however and a very articulate and interesting guest who makes sound and valid points.
    Thumbs up.

  • Paul: I think Tommy Robinson's a racist.
    You know I don't use the term lightly and I believe you should prove your claims, so here are a bunch of proven lies that I will use to support my frivolous accusations of racism.

    Ok, then

  • Paul Emery could have saved time by screaming heil purin heil the white race for 10minutes, it would have been more honest and saved time. O hand the BxP, ERG and UKIP get called fascist because they openly are (with Farrage wanting any remain voter removed from public life and barred from office for instance, and BxP candidates calling for open war with europe and the legalization of child rape.)

  • The more woke the left gets the more the working and middle classes move to the right. This guy is yet another commentator whose wrong about Tommy Robinson and seems to have got his ‘facts’ from the biased mainstream media. The government are making a huge mistake with Robinson…the more they try and shut him up, the more many (including myself) can see how sinister and rotten to the core the establishment and its agenda is…

  • I stopped the video at 10min mark after Paul Embery said repeatedly he is a socialist. As a person who was born in socialist Eastern Europe, any person prasing socialism is :
    a) uneducated about the subject b) educated about the subject but not bright enough to understand it c) educated about the subject, bright, but has an agenda.

    Pick one

  • Labour is now the party of the middle class baizuo. Labour is unelectable, it is a crime, as it leaves us with the Tories. I left Labour, fed up with adopting baizuo identity politics, joined UKIP. Labour treats the working class like the old bourgeoisie treated the proletariat.

  • caught Paul Embery on TV the other day and was hugely impressed with him. This interview only serves to cement that view. There are not many on the left that talk common sense these days, and although I don't agree with all of Paul's arguments, he talks a lot of sense on a large number of issues. I look forward to hearing more from him.. ty triggernometry for this

  • His point around 15:00 discussing how the political landscape is becoming more toxic and how the language is leading to acts of threats and violence is poignant and true.

    However, I found it interesting that only the left was discussed here. No mention of how the right has also stoked this behaviour through language. Lest we forget the tabloids blasting remain and pro May's deal politicians and media figures as "traitors" & Britain haters & threats to the country. Actions which led to the murder of an MP.

  • Thanks to Paul Embery for taking a stand against the abolition of womanhood and women's safe spaces. Another example of how Labour is letting down working class people by dictating a woke agenda. Trans ideology also threatens children by advocating harmful and experimental medical interventions.

  • This is a brilliant interview- and very refreshing to hear 2 level headed remainers… we say that having only watched about 15-20mins (but will catch up later). To be honest, We’re only hearing what we already know about our position as Leavers/believers in democracy. And We’re in the centre😉 looking forward to watch more of this and other vids!
    Thanks for the refreshing approach- far less toxic than the usual

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