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New Zealand's PM on her first visit to China




  • Western culture seems to think nothing of stabbing someone (some country) in the back while smiling "genuinely" at the person (country) they want to extract benefits from. To the West, friendship, cooperation and loyalty do not seem to feature anywhere in their psyche and vocabulary. With them, it's always "Winners take All", never "Win-Win For All". With "friends" like the West, who needs enemies.

  • This is PR for the people of NZ, empty talks is seen through by the Chinese. China is just playing the good host. NZ have no intentions of leaving 5 Eyes, so Huawei will remain barred from NZ. Chinese tourism is down in NZ and Jacinda is there to make some compromise. Very short agenda. Nothing will get done, empty promises all round. NZ is concern in case China stops buying their agricultural products, which is NZ main exports. Pretty much like what China is doing to Canada. Australia is just trying to tough it out although they are hurting maybe not as much as Canada, but they're hurting. 5 Eyes nations do not see Chinese people as equals, don't see why China should help their economy. 5 Eyes nations considers the Chinese people as an irritant but they do spend their money buying useless products labeled 'luxurious' by 5 Eyes.

  • None of these US allies need to ban Huawei. They can simply allow Huawei to enter the bidding and not to choose it at the end. China never said all countries must use Huawei or face retaliation. What makes China upset is they are telling the world they will ban Huawei as a political move to align with trump's trade war on China.

  • NZ PM’s focus is on improving her country’s society and economy; she does not waste time on childish things such as evil competition, propaganda, hating rivals etc; exactly the opposite of Trump.

  • Well, this NZ PM visits China for one purpose – she doesn't want China to issue "BAN" on NZ exports to CHINA!!!! especially Manuka honey and kiwi and salmon fish!!!! Actually China should ban all NZ exports – why? Expensive products!! Why? Prices include a high margin for national taxation for national defence – against who?? against China – of course????The same can said of Australia also. This is the game both these countries are playing!!!!

  • Unlike Canada and Australia, NZ do not depend on USA economically.

    NZ is too small, so they can stay under the radar of US politicians and public.

    NZ goes against US by not allowing nukes powered US Navy ships in NZ.
    If China play patiently, NZ may open to 5G and join BRI. It is possible.

    NZ is sharp, small and fragile. China have to pay a lot of attention and handle with care.

    NZ and UK are weakest links of 5 eyes countries.

  • When it comes to employing Huawei's 5G, it seems that she just talks the talk but does not walk the walk. Time will tell.

    BTW, if I were Xi Jinping, I would advise her to keep away from Trump and the South China Sea to avoid collateral damage.

  • Best course of action that China can do is wait and see if there's any follow through on Huawei by NZ, because talk is cheap. If there's any further stifling on 5G rollout and sabotage of China’s tech companies by this member of the 5 Eyes, then China should just scale back its investment and business with NZ and focus on trade elsewhere where there's mutually trusting relationships with less aggro.

    Right now NZ is worried because it has been a huge beneficiary of trade surplus of exports to China, in addition to monies from tourism and education sector. The size of NZ's entire market and GDP is miniscule, the equivalent of a small city in China, in the region of 200 billion vs China’s 13 trillion. There's really no need to pander to hypocrites. Best scale back investments and trade there in the meantime until a clearer picture emerges of NZ's trustworthiness. My suspicion is that it's just pointless empty lip service.

  • ….. on my previous trip to NZ, I learnt that "Auckland" is pronounced as "Oakland"! I won't go again, until NZ changes it's policy.

  • Huawei and other Chinese technology companies are feared by the west because they realize China will dominate this sphere in the future and will cripple western based technology companies. It's protectionism under the guise of security suspicions.

  • 想起爸爸去哪儿有一季是去新西兰拍的,节目尊重当地毛利人的文化还受到领导人表扬了

  • WAKE UP CHINA!!! I get so sick and tired of you Chinese bloggers – ccp propaganda line!! LIST TO THIS AND RESPOND WITH SENSE – Would the CCP allow a foreign company to control its 5G . You all know that China would not allow this – you know the great firewall of China!!! Every nation therefore has the same right as to whom conrols their 5G infrastructure!

  • LMAO no matter how much US spies, there a no coverage from Western media. There are not even slightest evidence of Chinese private company spy, all western media jump into it. talking about racism and double standard, is this really about "Security Concern"?

  • We will see if NZ will play fair with China. The Aussie said the same thing about China to boast trade. And NZ is just like the Aussies. They both does lap dance with US. Shall I say similar to Canada!

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