New York Region Braces for Major Snowstorm


Airlines have started canceling flights, with the most cancellations in and out of Philadelphia International Airport, and carriers including American Airlines, Delta and United have started to waive change fees for anyone scheduled to fly Tuesday or Wednesday.

The storm comes just as many in the region have finally dug out from two relentless storms in early March — the second one left two people dead and thousands of people in New Jersey and the suburbs north of New York City without power for days as utility companies came under scrutiny for their response.

Gov. Philip D. Murphy, Democrat of New Jersey, speaking at the train station in Madison, said that he was closely monitoring the coming storm, and was considering declaring a state of emergency to begin around midnight should the forecasts hold true.

“Our concerns have somewhat intensified,” Mr. Murphy said, warning residents that the evening commute on Tuesday could turn icy and windy, but that the snow accumulation and storm were unlikely to begin until early Wednesday.

Addressing what he called “the biggest shortfalls” of the last storm, Mr. Murphy said that one of the state’s much-maligned utility companies — Jersey Central Power and Light — had activated 800 workers to respond to the storm, and that all of the utility companies had activated their mutual aid agreements, meaning that they would share resources in response to outages.

“We’ve been in touch with them all day,” Mr. Murphy said of the utility companies, and noted that the state Board of Public Utilities was al

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