Multilevel Marketing: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)




  • My mom almost joined an MLM but backed out at the last minute because she saw the pyramid scheme thing instantly! That’s the power of being a lawyers daughter.😊

  • My sister was unwittingly dragged to a pyramid scheme recruiting event by an old highschool friend she thought was trying to reconnect. He spent two weeks talking with her and hanging out with her then asked if she'd like to accompany him to this event. She went of course, because she thought they were hanging out. Then he sprung the trap and tried to recruit her. She realized what was happening and said no and he never contacted her again. That genuinely hurt her. Just shows the lengths people stuck in pyramid schemes can go to trying to recruit.

  • If your main reason for starting a MLM business is money you're gonna quit, *guaranteed*.
    You have to first love what you do and then if you're good you'll figure it out how to make money from it.

  • This is one example of how American capitalism under a democracy is inherently flawed. I don’t claim to know or offer an alternative, but when democracy is “for profit” and that profit margin is based on inequality, we will have all kinds of disparities regarding the intentional misrepresentation of what people require to exist in this country.

  • One thing that I can say about Amway (and it's not much) is that they had delicious, nearly addictive, energy bars. We never actually bought them because why? We got boxes of 'em free, possibly to advertise for whomever the rube was that gave them to us. Sure, we'd say they they were great. But we also said, oh hell no! we'd never actually buy the damn things. I was somewhat saddened when the supply ran out.

  • Pyramid Schemes aren't illegal. This video doesn't even use the term properly. Any Scheme is just a functional hierarchy. Confidence Schemes and Pyramid scams are illegal, and I'd agree that the situation depicted fall into that category. This video paints all schemas in a poor light despite their prevalence society.

  • Am I the only person who thinks dee from sunny in Philadelphia could be a parody of denice chenault, same name, same style, hell they even had an episode about pyramid schemes.

  • About 20 years ago I was an Amway distributor. Up until I recently saw a special on CNN called, The History of Comedy, I'd never heard of John Oliver, so I came on here to find out more about him. Based on his hatchet job of all MLM's I'm not impressed. All business and other organizations, non profits and churches for example, can be represent on a pyramidal chart. All of them have something in common. There are more people at the base than at the top. The only difference of importance between legitimate MLM's and other pyramidal businesses is that in legitimate MLM's, like Amway, there is not only the ability to surpass those ahead of you in this chart, but there's actually incentives for the person currently ahead of them, who's currently making more money than them, to help that person go as high (successful) as they want, even if that means they make more money than you. I was in a line of secession where this was the case for several people, where the person that was making a 5 or 6 digit income helped someone make a higher 6 and 7 digit income. Tell me a business where a supervisor will help you, as an employee under him, to become a manager above him. Amway also has, I checked a minute ago, a A+ rating with the BBB. Also, and I can say this now, because I haven't been in Amway for decades, but they are one of only 2 companies in history to achieve Dun & Bradstreet's highest rating. The Federal Trade Commission also says that Amway is a legitimate company. John Oliver is dumping all over an entire industry just to get cheap laughs. MLM's are business opportunities, and like other businesses, the majority of them fail. The difference is, because you can buy into an MLM for much less than a conventional businesses or Franchises, people tend to treat them like a toy that they can play with, or put under their bed, and then later say, IT DIDN"T WORK, where the truth is, you (and even me) didn't work it like a business, or enough like a business. Why am I standing up for a company and concept that I haven't been involved in for decades? Because I remember my up line….It was very strong, which granted, was unusual. With the line of successful people that I personal knew that were having success doing it, I can't deny that it works, even to this day. Oliver is right about one thing. The vast majority don't make any real money with even legitimate MLM's, but it's not because they don't work. Oh yeah, as for moving product, with Amway they use to have over 10 ways to make money. One of those ways was to develop 10 good customer, and help those in your down line to do the same. You'd be surprised how much product can be moved by this method of duplication.

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