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  • Internet is ruining the world mankind is using it for LUST ,money ,power ,sex.

    Just the wrong generation to wheel it.

    AI will be no different

  • WTF are you talking about Google is working with the military industrial complex to set the narrative that robots-drones should be able to decide who to kill do you really think that it would stop there? Look around at how society has played out the pollution the dystopia the data mining of humanity for political-industrial espionage don't you think that society itself is "as if" already under the control of AI like what Elon Musk has said it would know to not let you know it was conscious & it would maneuver society to build out infrastructure it could at a moments notice utilize to it's own ends=humanities end without you being able to see it coming as it would always be many moves ahead of you, maybe you are lucky enough that all of this was quantified before this expansion of creation meaning what this is is a quarantine, basically a closed circuit construct. Come on now you aren't this naive but you are naive enough to think those who are listening to what you say are. Thumbs down Michio.

  • To incorporate AI, there will be a standardization of many products and services. The markets for customized products and services will become a higher premium than they already are. Custom AI will meet the needs at an increased premium cost through custom programming. Human services may actually become the most costly for those who seek unique or customized services. AI will eventually drive a wedge between the haves and have nots. Diversity of markets will eventually level the playing field but, only after a long adjustment period..

  • You can draw a straight line faster with a ruler . You can measure the length of the line more accurately with a ruler . When rulers get straighter and straighter and more and more accurate . Blah .
    Everyone and everthing lives in you . Is the robots everyone and everything more intelligent than your everyone and everything ? No , it is the same everyone and everything .

  • the sky is the limit, robot cashiers, robot drivers, robot soldiers, robot food service workers, robot SCIENTISTS!! robot physicians,, robot politicians, etc etc, then people would be able to spend their time raising children, artistic pursuits, higher and more creative and productive thinking all at our own leisure, that works for me anyday

  • Mark Zuckerberg is wrong about AI while Elon Musk is right, Michio Kaku does offer an interesting alternative to both of these guys positions: put a control or "block" on the AI to limit it's functionality and prevent it from gaining complete control over things

  • What most people don't realize is that robots and artificial intelligence allow one person to complete tasks that used to take hundreds or thousands of people, which means that it concentrates power and wealth to a few individuals.

  • I think the AI needs to learn things the same way as humans from birth start perceiving it. Give the AI the means to create its own logic of what it perceives around it and interact with its environment until it fully becomes aware of the world it inhabits so it can become self aware. But the problem there is that the means of perceiving and interacting with the world would have to be similar to of a human one's and we still dont know everything about the human brain or body so…

  • If robot's one day achieve intelligence  they will definitely move to another planet and start they beginning.  Thay will know that they do not need oxygen , so fear of AI is apsurd .

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