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Jussie Smollett Case Shows Chicago Police Hypocrisy & Rebuilding Puerto Rico Turns To Fracking




  • Chicago police department are all corrupt and Jussie is a piece of crap. Jussie should be put in jail for trying to make it look like a hate crime.
    The police department needs to be cleaned out, the mayor, all of them should be fired and put in jail .

  • Didn't he also say that he could see the color of their skin around the eyes and that they were white people. Definitely agree Chicago Police need to clean their own house but this guy is a liar and he tried to blame people that had nothing to do with it

  • Faggot-in-Chief Obama is behind dropping all charges against Jussie Smell-it, and Rahm E. displaying his fake outrage is also part of the deception. And, the prosecutor who dropped the charges was a black woman, making this case all about black privlege. "This town smells like a whore house at low tide." – Sean Connery

  • Puerto Rico? A burden on the American taxpayer? Yet money for the governments of Honduras, Israel, Columbia and Egypt, a ridiculously bloated military budget, that's not considered a burden on taxpayers…

  • WTF? YOU DON’T NEED EFFEN MOTIVE TO CONVICT. Are you guys just bottom scratching for CNN & MSMBS audience members, sad Russiagate is bunk??!! Smollett’s guilty AF! And that’s not racist to say, because institutionalized racism still exists, btw. It’s quite clear someone of substantial authority, above local law enforcement, decided to expunge his record—probably because he’s connected to Kamala Harris and the Obamas. Thus, the “optics” of inciting a race war were just too difficult to endure.

    I like how none of you didn’t even talk about the letter, which is definitely a felony. And that had to have been someone connected to the production to even know where the freaking studio was in the first place.

    Is it just wanting to maintain your Hollywood connections, that has you all (not necessarily D. Watkins) engaged in the rhetoric of the historical problems with institutionalized racism?


  • It is fine for you to point out the problems with Chicago PD. No doubt there is. But it is just an absolute joke for you to use this as a way of trying to cast doubt as to whether Jussie Smollett committed a extremely publicized hoax. The reason this is so highly publicized is because it’s a television star who went public with his claim you tools

  • If anyone took his initial claim without any skepticism you seriously are one gullible MFKR. The only reason he wasn’t found guilty is because he had friends in high places engineer a deal for him. Wow I have seriously lost respect for you guys

  • so confused… not disagreeing the police dept. is corrupt, but that doesn't automatically exonerate Smollett. & until this segment i was under the impression this is a pretty clear case of a false racism claim… aren't the facts more against Smollett??

  • Jussie will not see justice because the police screwed up, this is for sure. They denied him due process by tainting the jury pool.

    But that does not diminish the weight of the crime he is accused of.

    It is not some little insignificant nothing that he is accused of. The effect of pulling off such a hoax in this already politically charged and polarized country was to futher stoke division, hatred, mistrust, and unrest, and quite frankly, knowing it was a hoax doesn't do much to assauge the damage already done.

    Imagine what might have happened if there had been two white men in the area at the time of this planned attack and the police apprehended them rather than the Nigerians.. would Smollett have stuck to his story? Would he have allowed two innocent people to go down for his lie?

  • Celebrity status shielded Smollet and mitigated his circumstances. He may not receive such consideration in the future, irrespective of offense. His case attests to the power of money and influence.

  • A.I. is accurate to a certain extent. I believe that only God knows these things. One has to recall that it is human beings who provide the machine with input, design and create it. Some human beings defy the odds under the most undesirable circumstances. There are perfectly healthy people and health oriented people who may not live long. Life is not always linear or logical.

  • RT would do itself a favour by getting rid of this show. These two are idiots beyond belief. First thing is get your facts right he was not acquitted from anything. The charges were dropped cause he does so much good, and that he would have got community service anyway forfeiting bail as well. This is an RT production must be Retarded Television, their platform is shit to be blunt. I am absolutely stunned at the out and out stupidity of the hosts they are Retarded Television. A couple of crack heads giving you their view. Their dumb ass guest would get away with anything in corrupt Chicago. Dump this crap show.

  • I'm usually with you guys on most things you talk about, but, In the case of Jussie Smollett, I have to say that you guys are coming off bad. That may not have been your intention, but watching how you guys go after others others, that was tough to watch. And this is a constructive criticism here, by the way. I have no hate in my heart for you guys. Mostly love, in fact.

    Jussie Smollett got away with something. And we can say, "So what? So does the white man all the time," or, "the system," and you'd be right and are right, but, that again does not mean we should downplay the significance of what that guy did and how it harmed future cases. Now the right-wing have a huge weapon to hit over the heads of folks who support Black Lives Matter. So to try and just slough this off as, Eh, the other side sucks worse, it doesn't work. It comes off as cheap, actually.

    Never get into the sty with the pig! Especially when it's their sty!

    This clown fucked things up. And to not at least address that fact is remarkable to me.

    And again, I am on page with most of what you guys report. But ma'an, this is one case where you needed to be a tad bit tougher, I think.

    But hey, keep up the heavy lifting… our media won't do it.

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