How I Passed my 1st Year as PhD Student at Cambridge – My Experience + Tips




  • Thank you, Zee, for demystifying the first year! That has eased my nerves a bit as somebody coming to start a PhD in Philosophy in October at Cambridge.

    Can I just say how inspiring you are? A badass woman in philosophy who is not afraid to show off other interests (compare: those people who wear their monomania for philosophy on their sleeve, which I find contributes to the toxicity of this field). I'm hoping I can also keep my non-philosophic interests VERY much at the forefront of my life, too, when I begin my PhD. I want to ace my thesis and all that, but y'know, it's not that deep (sorry, Kant) – I wanna live my best boujee life too yo'. Thanks for the video!!!!

  • I love your Cambridge videos!! you explain things in a serious but relaxed way and go straight to the point!! thank you so much for the tips, you're such an inspiration! ❤️💖💕

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