Heretics Corner EP 8: Afzal Upal: Cognitive Science of Belief




  • Really enjoying this show, Heretics. Great insights into the history of the Amhadiyya community so far. Also, is Afzal's use of the word 'Movement' deliberate? It gives the various flavours of Islam in the sub-continent a different facet.


  • Love the evolutionary/cognitive neuroscientific hypotheses. Very well explained.

    Here's something I have often wondered, how does someone go from being a believer to a non-believer? What are the cognitive processes occurring (even at a neuronal level, perhaps, at risk of getting too reductionist here).

    Is there a neural correlate for the big picture process of someone becoming an apostate? Is it partly greater error checking, is it partly new ideas supplanting old ideas, is it access to better models of the universe/reality etc etc.

    The idea of having 'predictive' power from a religious framework is an intriguing one.

    As ever, curiosity is better than judgement. Thanks again.

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