Governance & Accountability for Strong Community Health Systems



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  • This is a long video – here are some timestamps.

    @10:15 – start – Bob Fryatt (Abt) intro; panel follows the “institutionalizing community health conference” which took place in J’burg a year ago.

    –> @12:5030:45 Tim Evans (World Bank) – important comments on the need for decentralized self-organization [my words] in health systems, particularly community health systems management, the plurality of perspectives and visions and negotiations, and unintended factors affecting centralized planning to achieve universal health coverage, and the necessity of autonomy of local service delivery units. Q&A after that.

    @49:15 introduction of first panel – UNICEF, Global Financing Facility, and USAID private sector innovations in HIV/AIDS care and treatment. Interesting overview of the GFF and USAID’s Joe Tayag’s @1:12 with examples and discussion of needs-based approaches to specific key populations and their aspirations.

    @1:41 Second panel with Carolyn Gomes (Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Association), Lisa Tarantino (Abt) and Eric Sarriot (Save the Children).

    @1:42 – Carolyn made a powerful case for the role of community based organizations in HIV/AIDS and how the bottom up can lead to change upstream.

    @1:54 – Lisa provided 3 interesting examples in community health and health governance and health financing.

    –> @1:52 to 2:07 15 min presentation of ‘Beyond the Building Blocks’ model for a more proactive integration of essential community health elements by policy makers and financiers.

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