Glen Ford Nails Shaun King’s Trump Induced Cognitive Dissonance: Shaun Is An Activist In A Bubble




  • Sorry Jamarl you are wrong, America is not a whore, America is a rapist who gets raped and then goes around making a big deal of it. Yes we all know no one should get raped and the rapist should get caught but the last thing anyone wants to see is you making a big deal out of it!

  • Jesus H. Christ, who in the world takes Talcum X seriously? Is the whole world taking crazy pills? He’s a fraud, an opportunist. He doesn’t have a single drop of African blood.

  • Ajamu Baraka:
    Shaun King calls Black Agenda Report a Russia supported site. These are the kinds of Negros that get propped up. Not only is he not reading the leading black radical site in the country but joins the Washington Post and the state to trash it. Wow, what a simple-minded Negro.

  • All you need to know about Shaun King is that he was sought for employment by The Young Turds. That right there tells you everything you need to know about his character. That, and he also lies about his race and claims he isn't a white dude.

  • Glen Ford is awesome, I say close to Noam Chomsky in his breadth of knowledge and ability to remember everything, and surely younger and a little more on top of his game at this point. You should try to get him on your show, Jamarl 🙂

  • Obama campaigned for Macron in 2016. Gresham is the dude on Jimmy's show from time to time. I think Graham needs to start smoking weed and chill. He's doing political commentary, people are going to say horrible shit Keep doing your thing. Don't let some random ass clown shut you down. I love to disagree with those in the progressive community. At the end of the day, we're all progressives, and I'm a fucking socialist. I'll own it.

  • Great video. Thank you.
    The establishment had to do this Russiagate distraction. People are starting to question the value of a system in which things get worse under dems, but we get blamed for not voting for them.

  • This makes me recall an interview Glen Ford had with Chris Hedges whereby Ford spoke on the 'healthy skepticism' that black people USTAH possess, at least many black people. Perhaps the struggle ain't as real for some as it is for others. Maybe Shawn King thinks that his showing his beaten-up mug is about as good as it gets to change a paradigm. Any who, my skepticism is intact and when Shawn King jumped from Sanders to Clinton, that told me allllll I needed to know. It was confirmed when King's emails started showing up in my inbox that were just clones of the DNC's b.s. King may ride on the Struggle Bus from time to time but he shoooow don't know how to drive it.

  • Claiming that bit of indoctrination against women who fuck and false valuation of inexperienced or “intact” women isn’t there isn’t far from what you’re correctly seeing valid critique of. Getting honest about it gets you out of the trap of trying to backpeddle out of it rather than simply confronting it. It might still come out as a slur but your natural reaction would be to (for example, if I did it) say I apologize for that stupid slur I just used, I love whores. This gives your audience a lot less fear of noticing their own bullshit instead of whining about “PC” ruining their erections or whatever.

    That aside, FUCKING WAR AFTER ALL, WE’LL FINISH THE PNAC LIST AFTER ALL, FUCKING WUHU. At this rate I’m more nervous about Democrats winning in 2020, they kill a lot of people their base dgafa. At least Republicans doing it would piss off lefty, sorta maybe. We won’t care. I guess it’s good timing for my chances of landing some decent work, gotta keep the tech yuppies happy.

  • After reading Glen Ford's July 25th article, "Shaun King is “All In” with the FBI and CIA" and listening to Jamarl's editorial, I'm reminded of a story by former U.K Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, wherein he described Rev. Jesse Jackson as a "horrible person" – who in a political capacity, arrived late in negotiations in the city of Lomé to participate in treaty negotiations between warring factions of Sierra Leone (See Youtube | / TheRealNews @ 12m:36s
    |"Craig Murray #NoWar2016" [ ]). The same Jesse Jackson who was amongst Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s FBI-infiltrated entourage at the Lorraine Motel.
    Rev. Shaun King would appear to be cashing in on the capital of his religious title and his noble namesake, for political opportunism and what is certainly self-enrichment. Were Shaun King on the balcony that day on April 4th, 1968, perhaps he too would have been pointing in the wrong direction towards a patsy assailant.

  • He has a great point across the board. Whites are doing the same. People that did not trust the CIA and FBI before Trump are suddenly ready to go to war over their unsubstantiated opinion. Lunacy.

  • Wait? Who lied about weapons of mass destruction? I think you got that wrong — it was Powell not Mueller!
    But, yes, Glen Ford is awesome. An intellectual heavy weight. Shaun King? Not so much.
    American exceptionalism runs deep in many tunnel-visioned millenial activists.

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