Geometry of Music: Bill Wesley at TEDxAmericasFinestCity 2011




  • You must not use music to play the instrument , but use the instrument to play the music. You can not form music in your head if you learn to play on an instrument that makes the music for you. So in a way , this instrument is terrible.

  • Not a musician, but was an aspiring composer/conductor at one point. I agree with his perspective, but he certainly picked one of the more abrasive timbres to demonstrate it with. Didn't really help his argument.

  • It looks like a fun toy for kids. A likely downside of starting with this thing and then switching to any other instrument, as far as I can see, would be the initial disappointment when you actually have to concentrate a tiny bit to find the sounds you wanted.Also, the idea of an organ that you can't play Bach on makes me a little sad (many pianists would likely be happy about that though 😉).

  • How different is this than what you get with the ableton push? Its not that useful if you are always playing diatonic notes. Does this set up have all the 12 notes? How can you switch between modes? Interesting ideas but there are loads of ways to arrange notes and it is a away to see things from a new perspective. Kinda like Drop D tuning on the guitar allows you to play chords with 1 finger, but I dont see where geometry comes in. It does seem to make it easier to play complex patterns but there is always a trade off.

  • Well, you have your theory. Many theories exist. But that is an obnoxiously harsh tone on your instrument and the playing is not very musical. I s'pose it matters who is creating the music on it.

  • I'm 62 and I've been a musician since I was 7. This presentation is confusing to me and I don't see the point. Yes, math is deeply embedded in music. But it can be explained more simply than this. And the demonstrations were a messy compilation. I didn't enjoy it. I've had theory classes that were just as boring as this. He lost me early and I hope I never see this again.

  • That’s a cool novelty and a creative idea. It’s not that hard to learn a few chords and get some emotional expression out of them though. The guitar for instance is laid out brilliantly in my opinion to evoke emotional play. You form chords or “harmonious note combinations” according to this gentleman up and down the fret board and/or back and forth and creating these tones and finding them is part of the experience. Have you ever hit a tone and a half bend on the high “A” at exactly the perfect time and feel your mouth hang open and your back bend backwards? Probably not.
    I commend this gentleman for creating a new instrument that you might put in a mix somewhere. A good synth keyboard can create hits like that pretty easily however. Nice job creating a fairly interesting instrument sir. I can appreciate your effort.
    I’ll stick with my keyboard and guitar though, respectively. I am also not very good. Lol.

  • The Plecktrum thing or whAtever was really cool sounding. So was the table full of carpentry nails. Those might be legit instruments. The keyboard cover thing might be a miss though. I could be wrong however. In the right hands, may be brilliant.

  • why oh whyyyy!!!!!! did you have to use that GOD AWEFUL SOUND ON YOUR DEMO?! Thank you for not demonstrating ONE SINGLE example of beautiful music being made with this thing. Looks promising…but it looks horribly UNergonomic. Did I mention that sound you chose to try to sell us this device is AWFUL!!! Wow…the "demo" at the end: FAIL…ditn't quite prove your point. Better luck next time.

  • Wow. Looks like something fun to play with for all for 3 minutes, and then any musician would want to get back to a real instrument. Looks like it's only useful to play around.
    If it's so easy to play why didn't you play a well know contemporary song, or classical composition.

  • I see many disadvantages to this design. The only advantage is that ( perhaps ) people with no knowledge or interest in studying music theory could make up simple things that sound semi-musical. However as far as making a direct connection to the " emotional quality " in the music is absurd.

  • Uh. There is so much wrong with this. First, learning the instrument is what makes the emotions pour out of you. Lots of hard work to learn how to do it!

    Keep in mind, I had an old Roland JUNO keyboard that made arpeggios with one key. And thus you have electronica. An entire genre of this guys apparent lack of understanding how music is expressed through the endless discipline and practice.

    yet I digress.

  • Read my book on YouTube called, God's Creative Design of the piano, it is about the math connection, the color connection, and the spiritual connection through it all as you can imagine it'll blow your mind if you know music theory like I do. I made a study of there so I took 5 years with God's help you will see why I too am creative have always been and even more so now because I allow the spirit of God to be a part of that creativity after all he created it all. We are just now starting to see it and understand it Beyond the page of playing the song.

  • What you are presenting is awesome I'm so glad you are that you have an instrument I've doing those things without your social study and knowledge to be placed in your head to be able to do it that's a great instrument wow

  • I did a little study back to where you're talking about right back they must have known it but they didn't have it written down while some of it was written down I got to study the math of the Ancients and yes they had it but not accept it is as widely because of way back then. There is a documentary on acorn TV. Com

  • And some of those early civilizations were destroyed or change by God and two different languages so some of it had to start all over again so some of these things have been here for a long time but with different civilizations having to start all over again that's one reason I was only just a few civilisations that have banned from the beginning of time intended in the beginning and that is situational ocean survived and some of the 12 tribes and some of the ones that didn't follow God they survived they were supposed to have some of them and let them survive instead of when God told him to Kill Em All otherwise you're going to have trouble with them again and that's why we have so much problem today. But it's only been in the last 20 25 years that we have understood that there's a code in the Bible with numbers and God's number system each number has a has a meaning so you can read my book and find it out. But I like your presentation and I like what you are showing and is instruments awesome so the simplest person without any knowledge by listening to what your instruments are doing can operate them and use their imagination without knowing much about the theory of music or even not be good at math bless you

  • Hey brilliant brilliant instrument but if you really want to know music on the piano my piano course a beginner learns 3 to 6 years in the first 6 months or less without hours and hours of practice I thought I'd just tell you that. Bon's way FasTrak piano educational system it also goes to doctorates level but most people only want to do the starter set that's fine they can play in any key on a real piano but I think you are real genius and introducing what you have it's awesome. And it should be in the universities for what they are projecting to do a music and even in worship teams in churches as well as a professionals outside of church.

  • Yes! Music is thought so confusing I love ways to visualize more harmonic info with patterns and stuff. Seeing patterns on the grid of a guitar helped me think of more information with less effort but notation always seemed to fall short. Harmonic Visualization can help people learn so much more and faster! Great work simplifying the vastly complex exploration of music

  • This idea has vanished. The Ableton Push is the closest thing I know of something like this. I can't stand the patch he is using, it needs to softer. Use the synth's envelope and give it some release and put some reverb on it.

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