Ever Get The Feeling Something Doesn't Feel Right?




  • Mr. Steiger, I love the videos you do. Can we stop calling the fake moon that isn’t the real moon, the moon. Can we come up with a different name for the fake moon as to show respect for the real moon? Maybe call it the object that hijacked the name of the moon. I mean no disrespect to you or anybody who refers to that fake moon as our moon but as we have learned from our real moon, the thing n our sky that we call the moon isn’t in-fact a moon. Most people will not wake up to real-reality if we continue to use these false terms. Thank u for everything u do for humanity. Much favor to u n ur family my friend.

  • Mist IS WATER.
    Myst IS FIRE.

    Do you have to evolve if you want to come in you can’t just jump in I think this is why people would internally combust is because their body just couldn’t handle a spirit that tried to enter them, or something…. Hv you ever done about internal combustion?

  • I feel the truth in Rex’s multiple time line discovery, already felt they truth before even seeing it… Asked as a teenager what I thought was going to happen by friends, I always said I thought it was going to be biblically unfathomable and it was going to be a whole bunch of shit at one time. Why do people not listen to me Wayne… because they’re scared I might be right or because they don’t care and think and hope that I’m wrong. The fucked up part is nine out of 10 times I’m not wrong, but now I am the crazy freak that needs medication because I know things the general public doesn’t because I actually have a brain that still holds connection to source? They just can not believe it, And this is where the path will split. Sturgeons law I really wish you would cover that Wayne. sturgeons law, is the one that says things can change any moment.

  • China use to do foot binding too. ✨🐞✨ … Thought dainty feet were attractive, vs being able to walk, But then most of the time it was royalty so they never had to walk anyway.

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