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Disaster Kit Series: Medical (Hurricane, EMP, Financial Collapse, Nuclear, AI, SHTF, World War III)




  • I have heard that if calls can’t be made with your cellphone in a disaster situation; you might have more luck texting family and/or friends. Also…keep regular aspirin 325 mg.tablets for pain relief…but if you think you may be having a heart attack…chew a tablet (if you are not allergic to aspirin) and seek medical care.

  • Having a tiered medical set up is something I've been working on finishing and organizing. Training like CPR is extremely important, also for anyone who hasn't been trained in Stop the bleed at a minimum I would recommend this highly. Even better training which changed my mindset was TCCC or TECC depending on your level of previous trainings. This allows you to do scenario based stress training. It is worth every penny for the skills you get.

    My GF and I currently have a SOF-T Tourniquets in PHLSTER flatpack tourniquet carriers on body as well as small on body kits that include Combat Gauze, Celox rapid ribbon (have the size of combat he gauze for smaller wounds), Cleer Mini Israeli bandage, Hyfin compact chest seals, 1 NPA 28f, 2 pairs of gloves. All packages have airsoft BBs taped at the tear lines so you can tear your medical with zero light and they allow tactile feedback in high stress. These are basically our IFAKS.

    For the edc bag I have double what is in my pocket kit, (CAT TQ) as well as shears, cloth tape, duct tape strips, Oral hydration (DripDrop) packets, some basic bandaids etc. spare batteries for my flashlights and Headlamp

    Car kit is the same as above, along with 6" Oales bandages, more TQs, SOF-T and CATs (4), more gauze, ORS, Chest Darts 14ga(updating to 10 GA soon) additionally boo boo kit, like bandaids, meds, NSAIDS, and random other things.

    Home kit is way to much to list.
    But a few things that I will be happy to have if I need it is Dental Temporary filling material, Splints, slings, ACE bandages etc. Antibiotics are on my list for a longer term disaster.

    Basically just having more long term care as things go from on body, to home. On body is immediately needed care/IFAKs, Multi casualties aid, and then longer term treatments at home.

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