Debate: Has the #MeToo Movement Gone Too Far?



  • Recovering, or perhaps enjoying a period of remission, from depression is often celebrated/utilized as an opportunity to nip to the shops for a few items that would have alleviated the very symptoms them beyond reach. This video has allowed me to appreciate the wisdom of hindsight in the matter of it's limited and rigid temporal definitions.
    Or perhaps it is something to do with our rather precocious successes in communication. I read a book by Dr. Farrell not long after it came out. The title the author preferred was in small type and post- colon; but the spine (which was all I could see at first) explained what had been going on in the pub while the bossy teacher (primary educator…..sorry) was demonstrating some of the stuff Orwell put in a book titled to be less frightening every January. The internet used to be for MUD, with porn outside a digital Maginot Line of technology.
    For my final trick, I shall get to the point, which is that it's nice to see Greer feeling better about her personal problems – the lack of mouth foam is a cute look. Best of all is the sunlight melting the monsters – I appreciate "The Great Dictator" a lot more than I did. Propaganda is most effective at it's most trustworthy. I spent most of this war silent and hidden, conversation with another person ludicrously unlikely – until the world changed. There is nothing as ill-mannered as to criticize another's voice, and little so assuring as the infantile nature of Mankind's enemy within. Cheers ;o)-

  • Women give birth to men too so why is it difficult to switch your male brains to respecting and adoring women? Why the unacceptable unaccountable behavior of men ALL my lifetime and the classification

  • Whilst some women are willing to sleep their way to the top there will always be powerful men willing to take advantage. Too many people are just hysterical hypocrites

  • This is what can be an example of how a Woman (Baroness? I stopped listening after her…) use a platform to align malevolence against other Woman. To be assertive and express your belief, does not mean you have to demean and belittle other Women. This only propagates more fuel for Men to say, “See they cannot even support one another, they are catty…hahahaa…we are so entertained, now lets take them relieve their stress, with a good fuck, and they will want us again”. ………and then we wonder why men play us. We put our precious women on blast instead of gracefully disagreeing, and unveiling one another’s pain, so that we can help heal one another. AND that is just a nano response, for I won’t delve into more elaborate responses on this platform.

  • 1:07:00 Thanks to Germaine Greer for confronting this passive-aggressive monoculture complaining about the "failure of law" without the slightest whiff of self-reflection. It's horrifying. It sends shivers up the spines of anybody who's ever read any history — a subject which, conveniently enough, isn't touched upon here, along with every single other subject of human experience, with the exception of "manspreading." As for Melanie Phillips, her argument is so bracingly convincing it hardly bears commentary.

  • Greer is disingenuous, the Mattress girl case was a false accusation with proof that the sex was consensual because she sent the man email messages afterwards saying how great in bed he was, and asking for not only more sex but anal sex. When he declined she sent him even more email messages. Then she made the rape accusation. The university expelled him and completely ignored the evidence, He sued in court against her, the university and won. When she graduated the University Chancellor refused to shake her hand he was so disgusted.

  • Every man today, even married man, cannot have any relationship with women anymore today, because they never know when that woman will turn around and say she did not consent / was harassed while she actually said yes / or initiated the action. And she would be believe even if she is lying. If a man today smiles at a woman today, or just say you look beautiful, he may end up being label as sexual harassing all women. Why do women wear make up, nice dresses and make themselves beautiful – ???? – so that other women can admire them?? Then they must make it clear. This whole movement will lead to a situation that all communication/relationships between men and women will seize. And I HOPE IT HAPPENS! Why? Because the mothers and daughters and sisters of innocent men KEEP QUIET!! So I hope for the day when men will say to women "Happy Vibrator day"!!! HOW MANY MANY MANY TIMES WOMEN MADE ADVANTAGES TO ME, MANY TIMES WITH THEIR BOYFRIENDS AT THEIR SIDE, OR WHILE HOLDING THEIR NEW BORN BABIES IN THEIR ARMS FLIRTING WITH ME. I AM FED UP WITH SEXUAL HARASSMENT FROM WOMEN!!!

  • Totally agree with Melanie Phillips and nothing that Rose McGowan, a mediocre actress that will never work as again, has to say will make me believe about Metoo movement. You have to have some respect for those actresses as human beings to listen to what the have to say, and after watching her talking in several videos, it repulses me in many ways and levels as a human being, and after watching this video, my scarse possible respect flew away. The rest of Hollywood, just flock lambs. NOT IN MY NAME!!!!

  • When Melanie Philips talks about how there was once a time when women knew how to repel unwanted advances and stand up for themselves is a load of rubbish.When I think of my mothers experiences and I am sure my grandmothers and many other mothers and grandmothers of previous generations then I am sure they tolerated behaviour and put up in silence with many behaviours ranging from assault to harassment to damn right rape and every range of sexual abuse.Many women of previous generation stayed silent,as well as girls, boys and very probably men as well.Also when she talks about how there has been no women or feminists in Europe or America protesting the abuse/rape of women in "developing countries"in India,middle east or warzones like Congo,Sudan,Somalia where rape is used as a weapon of war,or the girls in Rotherham and other british cities,or trafficked women all over the world including western women;to say that the women who support #me too have not in anyway spoken out for other women is also a load of rubbish.It is more like Melanie Phillips who has never been bothered with what happens to women in other parts of the world and who is merely trying to guilt trip and shame women for speaking out against their own experiences of sexual abuse,harrassment and in some cases rape that they have kept silent about or not been believed about for years just like women in those countries now would know that going to authorities in most cases would be a waste of time.Just because there are some cases where men are falsely accused does not mean that women havenot been discredited and silenced for years.I know many owmen who have not reported rape.Also sexual violence against men and boys also needs to be brought into the discussion.

  • Me too is not about personal responsibility, it's about oppressing men and ruling over men. As for sexy bodies, it's women who impose these expectations of women and certain industries who make money from the good looks of women who make those impositions on women. Men don't expect women to be sexy all the time and much less to have perfect bodies. Me too is not about protecting disadvantaged women, it's about protecting women who don't have shame by women who have no shame.

  • Baroness Helena Kennedy Sophie Walker are both cultural Marxist feminazis who apparently see the world in the context of oppressors and oppressed. I have a wife who I've never raped, a sister and nine granddaughters that I have never slapped or otherwise abused in any way. I personally don't any men who have, though it seems that Baroness Kennedy is certain these behaviors are endemic in Western society. Two of my granddaughters are presently in college, and neither have ever been sexually harassed. I am sick to death of listening to the whining about the patriarchy.

  • I am really surprised to see that most of the comments here come from men, of all ages! This is far more interesting than who said what in the debate. U guys r listening huh?

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