Cutting the Pentagon’s Budget is a Gift to Our Enemies




  • The military gives people jobs and protects the nation, they should target corporate tax evasion and Corruption designed to rip off the government before anything is cut. Private security firms and contracts issued by the government, i bet equals more that what they're looking to cut.

  • If peoples having jobs requires us to invade other countries and kill innocent people…. no thank you. We would still be the worlds super power if our military budget was cut in half. Imagine if we put 350 billion dollars a year into getting energy independent. Imagine if we went from a heavy handed war mongering nation looking to secure the remaining oil…. into a country that looks to the future and starts to shun oil. Imagine.

  • Lennon was killed for imagining.. But it makes me wonder – if you spent 350b into energy independence, wouldn't you have it returned back? And then Invested it again in education?

  • How can this guy,"FOR", tell americans that he would live forever if doctors had the funding the military has while the people suffer from a very bad health system? and the other guy says the chinese are developing weapons to counter the massive american fleets, while Ben just explained that threats bring the need to dovelop them in the first place.

  • Controlled debating allows real confrontation. The voting however is not usesful, becuase the obvious strategy would be to first vote against your beliefs then at the end vote for your beliefs. This strategy would give your side a better chance to win, but more importantly would show others that it is ok to change your mind about a specific topic and give the arguments given by your side more weight.

  • I believe that the political dialogue leans toward the idea that China will one day attack us over our debt, N. Korea or other reasons. They say one day China will hit us but we certainly aren't interested in attacking them with what we'd lose.

  • Easy solution: Require that contractors earn the same amount of money as soldiers. For example: Be me – U.S. Army Heavy Construction Equipment Operator, making $21,00/year before taxes. Be Northrup Grumman Heavy Equipment Operator contractor working on my base, making $90,000/year. Obscenely offensive.

  • Kori Schake sure is a very fun, kind woman.
    I agree with the opposition more than the affirmative because the affirmative came down to baseless, anecdotal &/or hyperbolic statements. I believed at the beginning that we should cut from our over-bloated defense budget. By the end I still thinks cuts can be made before it gets to the bottom or hurts the military but we could use a reduction in our worldwide policing.

  • I agree but we should keep in mind that China exports to the whole world, its not a mutual dependency, now, they don't particularly need us.
    China has always felt threatened by our need to interfere with their neck of the woods.
    They don't.Our military-industrial complex needs to maintain war & since we're allies with most of Europe, we've attacked most of Asia from Russia to Iraq & the logical endpoint is China. I think with that mentality, one day we will want to go to war.
    Great points man.

  • When the bald guys mention war & weakness and vulnerability so frequently, I understand why the Jews enjoy this imbalanced model so much.

  • The real threats to the United States are not foreign, and which can be prevented with military action. The real threats are the banks which have gone unpunished for causing the economic crisis and banking crash in 2008, and the other corporate entities that have received huge handouts from the government despite running the economy into the ground.

  • The Chinese are very diplomatic, declaring a full-scale war against the USA is the last thing they'd do, however, they would manipulate the political and economical situation of the USA instead, such as manipulating the value of currencies.

  • Pentagon cut budget on the surface, the fact however tells a totally different story — the great majority of naval and air forces are deployed to east asia, aiming at what — everyone knows, regardless the IQ is 18, 80, or 180. The juicy part of this operatin is that now Egypt is snubbing off the Secretary of Defense on 17 phone calls, no one knows what that drone-lover is gonna go next.

  • Best Fallacies:

    "Are they coming to our shores tomorrow? No. But let's not let it come to that point." -Thomas Donnelly

    "One way to think about your vote is to think about how Vladimir Putin […] and Ayatollah Khomeini would vote." – Andrew Krepinevich

  • Would say in the current situation it's not the question whether to cut mil spendings or not, but rather how cuts should be balanced. IMO, given the current situation with no huge losses to the US probable over the next decade, keeping more money in the military than necessary is a non-costeffective investment, while spending money on other parts of the budget is a lot better suited to ensure the US will be able to afford a decent defense budget in 20 years.

  • In these debates I would always vote the opposite in the initial vote then flip at the end since they go by who moves the needle the most during the debate.  Especially on an issue like this where is is surely obvious we need to lower the budget of the defense

  • If America is stupid enough to get into conflict with China.. and I don't see it .. it will be because of America's posturing, paranoia and offence. MOST of the cold war hype was completely unnecessary .. I was just a kid back then and rolling my eyes at the back and forth fear. Almost all America's conflict across the world  is a result of misguided fear mongering.

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