Cognitive Conversations #5 | Micheal Tsarion & Jay Discuss Genetic & Psychological Trauma & Healing




  • Jay as always Michael rocks at interviews. Trauma and healing has many causes and effects. To understand Energy and all that implies check out Dr. Jack Kruse at and learn how this neurosurgeon cracked the code of modern day Trauma and healing. LIGHT, WATER, MAGNETISM are Jack's fundamentals in the newest branch of medicine, Quantum Biophysics, dealing with the other genome the Energy Genome known as Mitochondria. Doug Wallace is the leading mitochondria researcher and Dr. Jack has put this body of work together to make the knowledge accessible at his clinic and online. Jack is the Michael Tsarion of clinical medicine using Mother Nature combined with Physics to teach people what is the primary cause of most all chronic illness and exactly how to mitagate and live an Optimal life. Start with a few Jack Kruse interviews and learn about Sunlight and Mother Natures rules of engagement. The AC power grid and all the devices and frequencies along with blue light is the problem. Lose the headphones, they are killing you. Respectfully, Tom.

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