Artificial Intelligence

CNAS 2018 Annual Conference – Artificial Intelligence and National Security Breakout Session




  • You can't fight communism and talk about diversity, diversity is a part of communism, you must treat people as individuals and we honestly don't have time to wait for 7 year olds to become AI experts we need re training systems for qualified engineers in fields parallel to AI development. That means adult education and continuing education programs not just programs for undergrads. We need to pick the most qualfied people based on their interest and merit not based on skin color genitalia or sexual preference. Those neo Marxist ideologies were planted by the Soviets in the 50s as a creeping doomsday weapon please drop them like a bad habit and return to our founding principles of universal equality based on natural rights and self determination.

  • Don't try to make us conform to GO or Chess or Football look at age of empires and look at star craft. We are way beyond ancient games with games already using primitive AI systems.

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