CITP Luncheon Speaker Series: Elana Zeide – Ethical Use of Big Data in Education




  • Although there are many people that want good accurate data to make good decisions for society there are way too many evil people with evil intentions to ever allow this data to be used for good purposes. The goal of these people is to develop individual programs to change attitudes, values and beliefs. Sorry if you don't know that you have not been looking in the right places for your information. This is outcome based education (OBE) with someone with not so good intentions determines. OBE was shot down back in the early 90's and all this is is new packaging with technology thrown in to the mix.

  • Education is not about getting a job. This is telling me the system will identify a students strengths and weaknesses. Then decide their career path and educate them to only meet the requirements of that career path. Instead of humans deciding their own future the government and the global economy will start deciding their future for them. What happens if the student doesn't like the career chosen for them. What happens if the career chosen for them is no longer available when the student is ready? Life long learning for a lifetime of labor.

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