CES 2019 – Day 1 News – Intel 28 Core / Samsung & Apple / Intel H10 Hybrid M.2 / LG OLED R / AI




  • I need a 2tb optane NVME drive, a 64 core 128 thread CPU with 100mb of L3 cache, 256gb of RAM, two RTX Titans in parallel, and a usb 2.0 pcie card. Also a 5tb nvme for storage. Because I want everything to be instantaneous.

  • I think you are missing a few points when it comes to the LG rollable display.

    A – Look at that photo in the ad. That apartment the guy is sitting in would be at least $5 million (and I am being absurdly conservative on the price), unfurnished, almost anywhere that he would have that view. Hell, the interior designer he would have hired to get that place to look like that would and the project to furnish it would be in the millions. This is not a product that is targetted towards anyone that cares, not even worries, about price.

    B – The technology that is being used here is not that applicable now, but in the future can be extrapolated to other more mainstream uses once the production costs come down. Think about a scroll-like computer you can put in your pocket. One side would house the guts of the computer itself, while the other would be used to store the display when it is rolled up. Yes, there are other technologies that need to be advanced more and the economics of production need to come down for that to happen though.

    This tech here is by far the most potentially revolutionary tech at CES, period.

    C – This is more of a nitpick. Rich people don't collect art for a picture. They want one of three things out of that painting. Price appreciation, bragging rights for having it, or being able to see it in person to appreciate things like the physical brush strokes.

  • fastest raid 0 set up ever recorded so far is 2 intel optane MEMORY sticks with windows installed in raid 0 so yea intel has some things they have done right and you might better buy those than a 128gb ? ssd that has more latency and is slower by all measurements for almost 200 bucks , and you just basically wasting storage on the intel ssd because 128 gb these days is good for the OS all drivers , anti virus and male ware programs and some individual programs like iobit uninstaller ccleaner , etc . i know tech deals is gonna disagree with me over the raid 0 set up and thats fine , he uses his set up for different things than i use this particular pc to do. im just saying if you paid for a motherboard with multiple nvme slots and arent using them then you spent more on your motherboard then you needed to spend .

  • My god, for $8k, I hope that cpu comes with the industrial chiller and tubing and fittings. I canโ€™t wait to see the price of the motherboards… $2k?

  • Much love guys. I've been following CES through you guys & you've been keeping me entertained for hours on end these past few days. Thank you ^-^

  • The xeon would be good for my mysql / php / apache server – running about 500 websites on it – serving / processing drone videos / virtual tours on it. But I think we would need 2 of them to be honest

  • If LG could get the price of the rollable display down to be somewhat competitive and make them in 100"+, it could be a replacement for a projector, and everything fits inside the projector screen case.

  • I believe that the Vega II cards will be for the professional consumer that also likes to game on the side while the Navi cards will be designed towards the needs of gamers instead. I also believe that they may launch the Vega II cards at CES while announcing the Navi cards for a later release. (possibly Q2-Q3)

  • 18:05 Nvidia steals from Tod, Tech steals from Nvidia, Tech steals from Tod, man creates Dinosaur.

    Rollable TV? ever tried to straighten out paper that's been rolled up for a long time?(OK technically paper doesn't need to be rolled up for long, I swear paper is like the original Memory Foam) how will they stop that from happening to the TV?

  • The reason people own real, physical art work is to be able to show that they can afford them. And people who can afford the rolling TV most certainly can afford them. Digital display, better looking or not, defeats the purpose.
    The alternative is have to cover a window. Possibly with a smart curtain set to the same trigger to completely block sun light.

    I don't need the optane drive…. but I kinda want it for my boot drive… It's just the right size…

  • Give it up intel , you have lost HEDT for now , go away , have a think and come up with something better.

    But as someone who is in a business setting, we dont want that unlocked xeon, look at the power it uses its insane! Give me a real server chip thats got good performance/W not this desperation nonsense .

  • main point is use optane for write and cache so ssd use only read data so it save lifespan and make ssd much more endurance yesss it good if play like a storage not only for Intel but amd or whynot for mobile phone when intel is loosing much.INTEL MUST SPREAD TECH OPTAIN H10 TO OTHERS EVEN FOR phone mobile

  • Hahaha tech explaining that just having sex every day of the month instead of needing a fertility tracker is hilarious. While trying to maintain a family friendly atmosphere

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