Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Panel @ National Competitiveness Forum 2016




  • Great discussion. Interesting moment, opportunity, and future. Ethics issue certainly is a concern. But, the dislocation of jobs as well as security is also of paramount importance. Along side investment in AI should be investment by public-private partnerships to retrain and retool that part of the workforce that could be left behind.

  • The language used in these presentations is so primitive That the embarrassment is as potent as an abscess. As if the title of the forum wasn't bad enough. I don't think I can make it to the end of this farce. What additional benefit will all your management of technology have on the evolution of human cognition? Please do not answer that, it was a rhetorical question. Try to define intelligence first in order for technology to perform an intelligent function and to avoid the following. It appears that the human species has reached its sell by date and I am just about young enough to enjoy its demise.

    If you want artificial intelligence, you will get it, directing as much of your attention to that outcome as you do. However. what everyone so far, has failed to forecast are effective measures to "combat" actual intelligence when it eventually and indeed, inevitably emerges. According to my gameplay, the subsequent assertion of Actual Intelligence will render all your efforts to resist its influence impotent. Worth marking these words. Now, as my politeness dictates, fuck off.

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