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24 November 2017-The Hindu Editorial News Paper Analysis- [UPSC/SSC/IBPS] Current affairs




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  • 1) scope of icj for india tht it will help in kulbhusan jadhav case and now india shows its power tht what we can do.
    2) panchayat committe conisist of 29 subj under 73 const amendment. And municipal consists of 74th amendment and included subj 18.
    3) worold antibiotic awarenesd week from 13-19 nov.
    Up divided would be into 4 parts by samajvad party into bundelkhand, paschim pradesh, purvanchal and awadh pradesh.
    4)sacchar commitye under dr rajendra kacchar by man mohan singh ji for the muslim community woman.
    5) next cop in polqnd.
    6) ordinace under article 123 for center and 132 for state.
    7) brahmos consists of brahma river in india under drdo and moskava river of russia under pom. 8)
    Baikal lake deepest lake of russia.
    9) soumya swaminathan minister of indian council research and also 1st indian deputy governor general of who. D/o ms swaminathan
    . 10)14th finance commisssion between 2015 to 2020.
    11) doctrine of lapse by lord dalhousie 1848 which leads to revolt of 1857.

  • The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) is an international organisation involving a group of countries in South Asia and South East Asia. These are: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan and Nepal.

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  • Sir u have given the flipped statements about bamboo , it will now be treated as grass unlike before and now it's free from the forest act…Sir plz correct me if I m wrong.

  • gd mrng …

    Today , In global scenerio , the picture seems to be changed completely . usa president reversal of all policies and move away from globalisationa and towars protectionism encourage china to take its place . thats why china's influence in the global world appears to be rising as its many policies itself telling this such as obor , string of pearls and . Apart from it china emphasing on enhancing its military power it has conflict with countries due to terrotorial disputes like its claim over south china sea and also doklam issue . Therefore to tackle this influence indirectly , asia countries come together on martitive issue and connectivity and initiating steps such quadrilateral of usa japan aus and india . vietnem also seems willing to join the group. apart from it india and japan developing asian african coridor. However it must be noted that any policy to counter effect china policy can brought regional instability and affects global world. it can be justified on many facts as to tackle nuclear program of north korea , china can be an important ally. Additionally china is big financial support of many asian countries. also as we knoe china is putting effort to solve ro hngiya issues , so any conflict with china results jn conflicts with many other countries and usa no standing policies also stops us to engage with her to counter china . Therefore it is good for india as well as other countries to focus on trade, and other issues imstead of countring chinas effects

  • The quadrilateral group

    The quad group of 4 countries including India, USA, Japan, Australia met in the sidelines of ASEAN meeting in 2017 summit.
    The grouping seems to be against China's expansionist policies in South China Sea. Therefore, the prevailing dispute on the same issue can see Vietnam joining the group in future. However, the aim of the group is still not clearly stated, it seems necessary that the move to contain China is seen from another angle too.
    If North Korea is to be contained in Asia, China's support will be crucial in future.
    The shift of India's attitude towards joining the quad group and supporting the laws of sees in South China Sea, should be cautiously taken as China follows expansionist policies and India is still having territorial dispute with China. The recent doklam issue also provides a check in the steps taken by India.
    The way forward however should be a balanced approach as taken recently by Prime Minister of India and President of USA in declaring that quad aim is not to oppose any country

  • 1.ASEAN(Association for South East Asian Nations)-
    >Established-8 Aug,1967..
    >Member countries(10)- Thailand, Vietnam,Indonesia, Malaysia,Phillipines,Singapore, Myanmar,Cambodia,Laos,Brunei..

    2. SAARC(South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)-
    >Established – 8 Dec 1985,Dhaka, Bangladesh..
    >Member groups(8)- India , Pakistan, Afghanistan,Nepal, Bangladesh,Bhutan,Srilanka,Maldives..

    3. BIMSTEC( Bay of Bengal Initiative for for Multi Sectoral Technical nd Economic Cooperation)-
    >Established- 6 June 1997..
    >Member countries (7)- Bangladesh,Bhutan,India, Myanmar,Srilanka,Thailand,Nepal..

    4. Governor general- "Lord William Bantick" who passed the jurisdiction for banning the Sati Practice on 4th Dec ,1829..
    >Raja Ram Mohan Roy played a significant role in abolition of sati system…

  • Q. SC judgement in S.rangarajan v P jagjivan ram 1989?
    Ans. The Supreme Court of India in S. Rangarajan v. P. Jagjivan Ram (1989) held that mere fear of violence and demonstration cannot be a reason for curbing right to freedom of speech and expression Article-19(1)(a).
    Significance of the judgement –
    1. Respect Article 19: State should respect freedom of expression.
    2. Influence of fringe elements: CBFC's decision should be based on rationality and not influenced by fringe elements.
    3. Artistic creativity and cinematic expression: It also needs to be protected to ensure freedom of expression of an artist, not prohibiting any law.
    4. Fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression is restricted on the grounds of decency, public order or defamation and not on the ground that it hurts the sentiments of some members in the community
    Any such suppression would be be against the rule of law and would result in surrender to blackmail and intimidation.
    Q. SAARC? HQ?
    Ans. SAARC(South Asian Association for regional co-operation)
    Estd- 8 Dec 1985,Dhaka Bangladesh
    HQ- Kathmandu,Nepal
    Ans.BIMSTEC(Bay of Bengal initiative for multi sectoral technical and economic cooperation)
    Q. ASEAN vs SAARC?
    Ans. SAARC (South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation) is like the one man show, India seems to be ruling power of the SAARC and acting as the backbone of the SAARC, with domination of a single country an organization can't be successful, the reason why SAARC is considered as the failed regional forum, as the development gap rises, the motive for making a forum for mutual cooperation is meaningless.
    ASEAN has been more successful than SAARC so far. European and South East Asian countries are generally placed above South Asian countries when it comes to per capita income and HDI-ranking. This explains why SAARC is not so successful and this also tells why SAARC needs to succeed.
    Visa Exemption
    SAARC – Visa Exemption for few categories.
    ASEAN – Announced to issue one visa for all ASEAN member states
    SAARC – poor cooperation between member states.
    ASEAN – comparatively better cooperation between member states.

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