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One man’s trash: how using everyday items for play benefits kids

Written by: Brendon Hyndman, Senior Lecturer and Course Director of Postgraduate Studies in Education, Charles Sturt University Playing with every day items increases kids' creativity and engagement. from www.shutterstock.comPrimary school students have over 4,000 recess and lunch periods a year....


What are ‘decodable readers’ and do they work?

Written by: Misty Adoniou, Associate Professor in Language, Literacy and TESL, University of Canberra Children with access to books reach higher levels of education. from www.shutterstock.comThe Victorian Coalition has promised $2.8 million for “decodable readers” for schools if they win...


Your poo is (mostly) alive. Here’s what’s in it

Written by: Vincent Ho, Senior Lecturer and clinical academic gastroenterologist, Western Sydney University Human poo is a concoction made up mostly of water with a sprinkling of the solid stuff. from www.shutterstock.comIf you’ve ever thought your poo is just a...

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