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Prisoner strike exposes an age old American reliance on forced labor

Written by: Calvin Schermerhorn, Professor of History, Arizona State University Prisoners in 17 states and several Canadian provinces are on strike in protest of prison labor conditions. Their demonstrations are compelling Americans to understand that some everyday foods are produced...


Could Andrew Gillum be the next governor of Florida?

Written by: Sharon Austin, Professor of Political Science and Director of the African American Studies Program, University of Florida Andrew Gillum with wife R. Jai Gillum addresses supporters after winning the Democrat primary for governor. AP Photo/Steve CannonTallahassee Mayor Andrew...


Epidemic of poor mental health among low-paid workers

Written by: Rusi Jaspal, Professor of Psychology and Sexual Health, De Montfort University Willyam Bradberry/Shutterstock.comBeing lower on the pecking order at work is associated with having serious psychiatric problems, our latest research shows. We found that abusive managers negatively affect...


It’s 2018. Do you know where your medical records are?

Written by: Bita A. Kash, Associate Professor and Director of Center for Outcomes Research at Houston Methodist, Texas A&M University Electronic medical records could be shared between health systems, allowing doctors to share information and possibly improve care. Tero Vesalainen/Shutterstock.comCan...

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